22 February 2009

Heads-up: dopus_fileinfo crashes and solution

Update: A workaround for this problem is included in Opus See above.

Please see Heads-up: dopus_fileinfo crashes and solution if you're using the new CSV/RTF/Font/Postscript plugins and have found Opus crashes sometimes.

Hopefully the plugins will be easy to fix but I figure the mysterious crash may be causing problems for some people so it's worth giving everyone a heads-up on how to avoid it for now.

5 February 2009

CSV/PS/Font/RTF plugins updated

There are new updates for Dinkelhopper's plugins: CSV, PostScript, Font viewers and RTF editor.

The updates fix problems when multiple copies of the same plugin were open at once and add some new features like auto-save in the RTF editor plugin.

To get the new versions head on over to the plugins area of the Resource Centre.

Enjoy! And, of course, thanks to Dinkelhopper for the hard work!