20 January 2010

Why NOT to run Opus as Admin in Vista / Windows 7

A new FAQ has been posted at the Resource Centre.


If you have UAC enabled then it is not a good idea to run Directory Opus as administrator (i.e. "elevated") in Vista / Windows 7. You should run it at the standard level and instead use Opus's UAC support to elevate as required.

(If you have UAC turned off then this is not an issue. Opus works fine running as administrator if the rest of your desktop is also running as administrator, as is the case with UAC turned off and on earlier versions of Windows. Opus works just as well with UAC as without it. Problems will occur if Opus is running at a higher elevation level than the rest of your desktop.)


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18 January 2010

Fix for problems viewing My Computer

Update 2: If you're using Opus 10 or later, ignore this entirely. Changes were made to the way the data is stored to avoid the problem.

Update: It doesn't look like the problem was due to 32-bit/64-bit config import, but something else... The advice still stands, though: If you find My Computer or another system folder to be very slow in Opus, delete your system.off file as described below.

Original post:

Two people who imported their Opus config from 32-bit to 64-bit machines have experienced problems when viewing system/virtual folders such as My Computer.

This doesn't seem to be a widespread problem but it's obviously a pain if it hits you.

Here's the fix in case you need it:

1. Go to /dopusdata\Formats (via the Opus location field).

2. Delete system.off.

(This is also worth trying if you have problems with My Computer and similar folders in general. It resets the way those folders are displayed within Opus back to their defaults.)

(Forum thread.)

7 January 2010

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version - January 7th 2010

A free update for all Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

Note for non-English users: The initial release was lacking translations but they have been added now.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Fixed a problem introduced in the previous version that could cause a crash when the content type system was activated.
  • Improved file date comparison in synchronize (particularly with the Ignore seconds option enabled)
  • Improved support for display of 256x256 .ICO files
  • Single locked tabs are now respected in the Default Lister or layouts (previously the lock state would be lost unless multiple tabs were configured)
  • Numeric sorting rules are now applied to custom fields so fields like the Tortoise SVN Revision field will sort correctly
  • Fixed scrollbar calculation problem in List mode that could result in weird behaviour depending on the size of the Lister
  • Fixed problem with {allfile} command sequence when filename contains multiple periods
  • Fixed support for PowerArchiver drag&drop menu
  • Fix for duplicate entries appearing in the Open With menu in some situations
  • Fix for buffer overflow in Raw plugin's config dialog
  • Fixed problem that could cause slow copy speeds to removable disks
  • Added support for additional file extensions to the CD jewel case thumbnail rendering (added .oga, .fla, .wv, .m4a, .m4p, .ape and .mpc)