18 January 2010

Fix for problems viewing My Computer

Update 2: If you're using Opus 10 or later, ignore this entirely. Changes were made to the way the data is stored to avoid the problem.

Update: It doesn't look like the problem was due to 32-bit/64-bit config import, but something else... The advice still stands, though: If you find My Computer or another system folder to be very slow in Opus, delete your system.off file as described below.

Original post:

Two people who imported their Opus config from 32-bit to 64-bit machines have experienced problems when viewing system/virtual folders such as My Computer.

This doesn't seem to be a widespread problem but it's obviously a pain if it hits you.

Here's the fix in case you need it:

1. Go to /dopusdata\Formats (via the Opus location field).

2. Delete system.off.

(This is also worth trying if you have problems with My Computer and similar folders in general. It resets the way those folders are displayed within Opus back to their defaults.)

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