21 April 2020

Raw Image Extension (Microsoft)

Microsoft have updated their Raw Image Extension with support for Canon's newer .CR3 images*.

This extension works in both File Explorer and Directory Opus, for thumbnail and viewer support.

While Opus comes with its own Raw Camera plugin, you may find Microsoft's codec works better for some camera models (or vice versa).

More detail here on the forum:

Viewer/VFS Plugins: Raw Image Extension (Microsoft)

Note that Windows 10 (1903) or above is required.

* Edit: It turns out the CR3 update is only for Windows Insider build users at the moment, but will presumably be released for everyone in time.

Directory Opus 12.20.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.20.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.20:

  • Added columns to the native This PC view to show percentage space free and full as a number (instead of as a bar graph).
  • Added special handling when moving folders up to parents, where the same folder names appear both above and below the source level. (e.g. C:\A\A\A\A up to C:\A when C:\A\A\A\A\A\A exists.)
  • Added support for File Explorer's %V code. This inserts the selected file or folder if there is one, and the current folder path otherwise.
  • The Join dialog now puts the focus in the output filename field by default. If all input files have the same file extension, the default output filename will now be given that extension as well.
  • Library member folders are now shown in the tree in the order they're configured via the Properties dialog, rather than being sorted alphabetically.
  • The option to hide OneDrive for Business in the folder tree now applies to OneDrive for School as well.
  • In Windows 10, the folder tree no longer appends the drive letter (or share name) to the name of library member folders (this is to match what Explorer does).
  • When selected files are filtered out of the display by the filter bar (or the FAYT in filter mode), they are now deselected automatically.
  • Added alternative syntax for opening a specific file in the viewer pane. As well as the old Show VIEWPANECMD="open,C:\cat.jpg" you can also now use Show "C:\Cat.jpg" VIEWPANECMD=open.
  • Show VIEWPANECMD=open now works with filenames and relative paths; previously it required a full path.
  • A command like Delete FILE="coll://CollectionName" will no longer show any warning or confirmation dialogs if the collection already does not exist.
  • Fixed zip files appearing in breadcrumbs menus when archives were turned off for them.
  • The breadcrumbs option for showing This PC as an icon now only affects This PC, not other folders that are the first path branch (e.g. Network, or folders below Desktop).
  • Go OPENCONTAINER=target now selects the target file even if the OPENINDUAL argument is used to open the containing folder in the other file display.
  • The Preferences aliases list now selects the next alias after one is deleted.
  • Fixed incompatibility with PeaZip context menu.
  • Improved compatibility with context menus added by PotPlayer.
  • Added support for a type of nested context menu used by some software (e.g. the Sound Forge Convert To sub-menu).
  • Added support for a second type of nested context menu used by some software.
  • Fixed copy queue buttons looking incorrect at 125% DPI scaling.
  • Fixed Go FOLDERCONTENT menus which merge multiple paths together. (e.g. Start Menu Button)
  • Fixed crash if you used the mouse wheel over certain parts of the Customize > Context Menus UI.
  • Fixed a problem with automatic filename quoting getting confused by a = argument separator (e.g. CREATEFOLDER={file|noext} would put the quote before the CREATEFOLDER rather than after the =).
  • Fixed drag & drop into a file display with manual sort enabled, where dropping a file between two sub-folders now drops it to the current folder, consistent with what the visual preview indicates.
  • Added rotate property to the Control script object (for static controls set to image mode). This allows the script to rotate the displayed image.
  • Added protection against a crash that could be caused by having lots of tabs opening at once with a script that implements the OnBeforeFolderChange event. 
  • Script columns displayed in Listers now update their headings/names if the script is edited or calls Script.InitColumns or Script.RefreshColumn.
  • Scripts generated by the Create New Script dialog now escape or replace quotes, backslashes and other special or invalid code or path characters typed into the dialog.

1 April 2020

Markdown and SVG viewers

If you work with Markdown documents (.md files) or SVG images, you may find these new viewers useful.

Microsoft have updated their PowerToys for Windows 10 with viewers for both formats.

Details, links and screenshots of what they look like within Directory Opus can be found here:

For Markdown, there is also a second, alternative viewer linked at the bottom of the post, in case it works better for you.

For SVG, you can also preview .SVG files via Internet Explorer's built-in support, which Opus will use by default in the viewer pane if nothing else is installed.