3 June 2010

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version - June 3rd 2010

A free update for all registered Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Added move_netshare_semantics advanced Preferences option to work around a problem moving folders caused by PGP Netshare.
  • Added support for transparent (alpha-channel) TIFF images (both 8-bit and 16-bit images).
  • Added tiff_assume_alpha advanced Preferences flag to force alpha on TIFF images which have a 4th channel but don't specify its meaning.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you dragged a file over a sub-folder on an ftp site, and hovered there while a copy to that same site was in progress.
  • Fixed a problem when trying to inline-rename a file or folder whose original name contained an environment variable.
  • Fixed a problem with the @set command directive that would stop {dlgstring} working correctly with {file} as the default value unless prefixed with @runonce.
  • The timestamp of a file with NTFS ADS properties is now correctly preserved when the file is copied.
  • ActiveX: Prevents the Syntax-Colored Source preview handler from handling .url files by default. If that handler is installed the plugin will still send .url files to a web browser unless explicitly configured not to.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause a crash when editing the defined filter in the Print Folder dialog.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the Folder Tree to fail to expand the Desktop branch with a particular combination of settings.
  • The FILTER argument for the Print FOLDER command now works correctly.
  • If two or more single file-display Listers were open, the Go DUALPATH command used to cause the folder in the destination Lister to change, instead of setting the source Lister into dual-display mode.
  • Improved support for the Recorded TV start menu link in Windows 7.
  • The Rename command could not move files when the source folder was a file collection.
  • If a rename script fails, the rename operation is now aborted.