20 June 2022

Directory Opus 12.28.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.28.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.28:

  • Updated LibRaw, including support for new OM-1 cameras.
  • FLAC/Ogg publisher data now writes "ORGANIZATION" tag for better compatibility. (Both "ORGANIZATION" and "PUBLISHER" work when reading tags.)
  • Fixed incorrect metadata shown for audio files whose metadata comes from the Windows shell (e.g. .m4a files).
  • Fixed range selection via Shift + Page Down which, with the file display grouped and some of the groups collapsed, would not always immediately repaint all items to reflect their new states.
  • Fixed mouse cursor being confined until you alt-tab'd to another window if you opened a color picker, dragged its sliders with the mouse, then closed it with the Esc key without releasing the mouse button.

3 June 2022

Directory Opus 12.28

Directory Opus 12.28 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.

New versions are often made available several days before they will be detected by the update checker. You can download Opus using the links below if you don't want to wait.


The following changes were part of the 12.27.1 - 12.27.2 beta updates:

  • Improved layout of button editor menus on low resolution (~720p) screens.
  • The archives plugin now filters the file attributes it returns to Opus to avoid ones that can appear in archives but don't make sense in them and cause problems (e.g. "offline" and "pinned").
  • Fix for situation where a credentials prompt wasn't triggered for some network drives that needed one.
  • Fixed problem which meant desktop double-click handling would stop working if Explorer was restarted.
  • On Windows 11, the OneDrive commands to pin or free up space now work recursively on folders to match Explorer's behavior.
  • Fixed the Toolbar command ignoring its POS argument if the first coordinate was negative.
  • If a Style is saved with the view mode option turned on, but a tab group selected, the view mode setting is now correctly ignored (since view modes in that instance are supposed to come from the tab group).
  • Fixed Open With > Paint.Net opening the file twice with newer versions of PaintDotNet.
  • Fixed a problem where the folder format could go wrong if a style that was set to turn the format lock on opened a tab group.
  • Improved performance of context menus in some situations.
  • Updated WebP plugin, which fixes some images not loading.
  • Fixed context menu items registered under HKCR\* appearing for directories when they should only appear for files.

  • Fix for OneDrive context menus not appearing when "Files On Demand" is turned off.
  • Fixed @if not working on Viewer toolbar buttons if the only command being run after them was a Show VIEWERCMD=... variant.
  • Show VIEWERCMD=fullscreen,on and ...,off can now be used with the viewer to always get a particular state rather than toggle the current state.
  • Fixed issue where nothing happened if some Control Panels were opened in particular ways (e.g. "Manage BitLocker" from the drive right-click menu).
  • Fix for standalone image viewer opening on the wrong screen if it was previously moved and closed near the right (or bottom) of another screen.

  • Fixed incorrect behaviour when renaming files in FlatView when two files in different folders ended up with the same name.

The following changes are new for 12.28:

  • Fixed problem with undoing a create folder.
  • Fix for crash which could happen when undoing a rename.
  • Fix for "New" context menu excluding items without descriptions in the registry.
  • Fix for bogus Open With menu items due to uninstalled Microsoft Store apps.