16 April 2019

Directory Opus 12.14

Directory Opus 12.14 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.

New versions are often made available several days before they will be detected by the update checker. You can download Opus using the links below if you don't want to wait.


This is an out-of-band update to fix several issues with 12.13 that were not detected during the beta test phase.

Changes since 12.13:

5 April 2019

Directory Opus 12.13

Directory Opus 12.13 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.


Changes since 12.12:

  • The update checker can now check for new beta versions as well as stable releases. This can be enabled with the new option in Preferences / Internet / Updates (and will also be turned on automatically if you're currently using a beta version). Also added an option for the update checker to check daily as well as weekly and monthly. The frequency that Opus "nags" you to reboot after installing an update has also been reduced.
  • The Rename dialog macro builder now supports selecting from a given point to the end of the filename, no matter how long the name is. To access this, position the cursor at the start position, then press Shift+End twice (or Shift+Home twice when right-justified).
  • You can now turn off auto-play, and turn on volume mute, for some ActiveX viewers via the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin. This only works if the ActiveX control understands the appropriate properties. It's known to work with the Windows Media Player ActiveX control (note: not the Preview Handler, which already disables auto-play by default).
  • Added support for .opus audio files to the metadata pane.
  • Added a command (Help RELEASENOTES) to display the current release notes. Added this to the default Help menu.
  • Added Clipboard FILE argument which allows filenames to be placed in the clipboard to be specified on the command line (e.g. Clipboard COPY FILE C:\moo.zip).
  • Set LISTERTITLE now accepts %S to insert the name of the currently selected Lister style (if any).
  • The Set COLUMNS command now accepts the same special codes as Set FORMAT (e.g. Set COLUMNS=!folder) to load the columns from a special format without affecting anything else about the current folder format.
  • You can now use @if:Prefs STYLE=xyz to make buttons conditional on the last style which was loaded, e.g. to cycle styles with a single button. Individual buttons which load styles now also highlight when their style is active (i.e. the last style which was loaded).
  • Added Command.GetModifiers script method to retrieve a map of modifiers that have been set on the command. Modifiers set in a button that then calls a script command are now passed through to the script (and can be queried using the new method).
  • Scripts can now control taskbar grouping of Listers, viewers and custom dialogs using the new SetTaskbarGroup method of the Lister, Viewer and Dialog objects.
  • Scripting: The FSUtil.Hash object can now generate three flavors of CRC32 checksums in addition to the existing MD5 and SHA variants.
  • Scripting: Listers now have a style property, which names the last style (if any) applied to them.
  • Added VFS_TestSameDrive and VFS_TestSamePath vfs plugin functions.
  • The Owner column is now calculated on a background thread, which should make it more efficient for large network folders.
  • When the SetAttr command is run on softlinks and junctions to modify the timestamps it now changes the date of the link rather than the date of the target.
  • When restoring a configuration backup, choosing "replace existing configuration completely" will now delete any icons, images and sound files in the old config folder. Previously, those folders would be merged with the new config even when replacing it.
  • Below Preferences / Launching Opus, drop-downs for choosing layouts now support the full layouts tree including sub-folders.
  • Added a simple caching system to the metadata thread so that multiple queries for the same file in a short space of time will come out of the cache rather than re-reading the file every time. Should improve performance when the file display is showing metadata columns and label filters are also querying metadata.
  • Drive icons now update correctly in the tree when a drive's bitlocker status changes.
  • It was previously possible (if you tried hard enough) to enable the Always enable this toolbar's keys in Listers option for the viewer toolbar, which could break many normal keys outside of the viewer.
  • The Customize dialog no longer allows the currently selected Viewer toolbar to be turned on in Listers. Additionally, the Viewer page in Preferences no longer allows a currently selected Lister toolbar to be selected as the Viewer toolbar.
  • The archives plugin now prefixes an underscore before any file or folder names within an archive which would clash with reserved device names under Windows (CON, AUX, etc.).
  • Toolbar buttons that are disabled/hidden by a @disable-type clause can no longer be launched via their hotkey.
  • If clicking the selected folder tab is configured to go to the previous tab, this no longer happens when clicking a tab to activate the window it is in or make it the source. (Unless you then click it a second time, of course.)
  • Thumbnails for comic book archives (cbz, cb7, cbr) now support WebP and HEIC files within the archives.
  • Increased the length of the metadata fields supported by plugins for music and video files (e.g. FLAC files).
  • In Preferences and other dialogs, checkboxes and other controls are now checked and expanded slightly if their labels are too long for the control size. This fixes problems in e.g. Polish at 125% DPI scaling where a large number of controls had the ends of their labels cut off.
  • The 64-bit version of the MultiView plugin now works, provided you have 64-bit versions of the viewer DLLs it uses. This enables an alternative set of viewers for things like Office documents and many other formats.
  • Increased compatibility with metadata shooting time fields presented in a non-EXIF compliant format.
  • Updated UnRAR.dll to 5.70.100. (n.b. Opus was not affected by the WinRAR ACE issue fixed in 5.70; we're just updating to the current version.)
  • Updated 7z.dll to, which improves encryption strength for 7z archives.
  • Fixed Windows Search not always working in 12.12.
  • The path length counts at the bottom of the Create Folder dialog are now correct if it is opened by a button in multi-line mode with predefined folder names.
  • The Create Folder dialog now remembers its size in multi-line mode.
  • Fix for SFTP RSA keys using paths containing multibyte UTF8 characters.
  • Fixed a problem which prevented editing of EXIF metadata on files which had a timestamp (created/modified/accessed) earlier than 1/1/1970.
  • Improved the way Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts finds the default text editor.
  • Corrected new multi-file inline rename mode when using brackets and other wildcard characters in the new name.
  • Fixed rendering of Customize > Commands list when an icon set with large icons in the "small" size was installed.
  • The FTP log now uses the system text color instead of being hard-coded to black. (Only affects new log messages, since colors are saved into the log.)
  • Fixed auto-quoting getting confused by {filepath$|nopath} and similar (for example, {destpath$}{filepath$|nopath} wouldn't auto-quote properly).
  • Fixed incorrect interaction between @disablenosel and @disableifpath command modifiers.
  • DOS-mode functions that are intended to be synchronous (i.e. not return until the DOS process has ended) now are.
  • Fixed the option to add layouts to the Desktop context menu making a mess of the menu if the sub-menu option was turned off and your layouts were arranged into multiple groups/folders. (You may need to reboot for this fix to take effect.)

  • The Metadata.other.autodesc property didn't work reliably.
  • The Rename INLINE=single argument was being ignored if the Rename all selected files at once option was turned on under Preferences / File Operations / Inline Rename.
  • The def_value property is now supported by all scripting objects which use default values.
  • The Path.filepart property now returns an empty string when called for a root path.
  • Fixed a bug which meant if the Lister was showing This PC, a command that specified a path on the command line (e.g. Delete C:\Moo.txt) might not work.
  • Fixed (internal, undocumented) DOpusRT.exe /Prefs command crashing Opus if no Preferences page was specified.
  • Fixed rare freeze which could occur when opening windows containing a combo control.
  • Fixed inline rename (F2) not working on items in subfolders when in the Desktop folder using Flat View.
  • Fixed crash which could occur when refreshing (F5) on a UNC path with certain folder tree configurations.
  • Fixed crash if filters referred to themselves or each other in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed password prompt appearing if you put e.g. a deleted, encrypted 7z archive into the clipboard from the Recycle Bin.
  • Fixed a crash when undocking a dual display Lister (assuming docking was enabled in Preferences).
  • Fixed a couple of problems that occurred when checkbox mode and details+thumbnails mode were turned on at the same time.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in Opus 12.11 which could cause the taskbar to flash over borderless full-screen applications and games when doing certain things in Opus on multi-monitor setups.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue in the Rename dialog if the Rename Macro Builder font was taller than the rest of the line.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with buttons to the right of labels on toolbars if you had button spacing set to zero and the Office 2003 style on or themes off.
  • If "always display the jobs bar" was on and you manually closed the jobs bar, the bar for that Lister would then go into auto-close mode if a file operation caused it to re-appear. It now goes back into "always display" mode.
  • The Jobs Bar no longer has a close button when "always display the jobs bar" is on. (You can still close it via buttons if you need to, e.g. Set JOBSBAR=off).
  • The update icon is now only displayed once in each window when using dual file displays with independent status bars.
  • Fix for "Crashes unmounting Bitlocker drive" https://resource.dopus.com/t/crashes-unmounting-bitlocker-drive/31868.
  • Fixed some compatibility problems with the most recent version of OneDrive that meant the online/offline status of files could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug that in some cases could cause OneDrive offline files to be downloaded when showing their thumbnails.
  • Now includes updated Portuguese Brazilian translation. (Thanks to Dyecks Rocha and Alexandre Corrêa.)