28 November 2012

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

The following is a guide to the changes in the Directory Opus beta:

New features and minor changes:

  • Added an option to the File Operations / Metadata page in Preferences to automatically save changes in the meta panel. Also added a checkbox to the Metapane's title bar which lets you toggle this flag on or off without having to go through Preferences.
  • Slave tabs are now indicated visually with an italicised label.
  • When clicking on a folder tab, holding various control keys down can now modify the linking state of the tab:
    • Control-click a tab to link/unlink it to the active tab in the other file display.
    • Control+Shift- click can be used to toggle slave mode on and off.
    • Shift-click when clicking a linked tab now overrides the linking behaviour (stops its partner coming to the front or changing folder).
  • In conjunction with Go TABGROUPLOAD, the OPENINDUAL argument can now be used to control the orientation when loading a specific-sides tab group.
    (e.g. Go TABGROUPLOAD=moo OPENINDUAL=vert).

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes relating to folder tabs:
    • Fixed tabs not being unlinked correctly in a few cases.
    • Fixed some problems with the new tab group editor Preferences UI introduced in the previous beta, and the way Specific Sides groups are handled.
    • Fixed some issues with the folder tab group editor under XP.
    • In the previous beta, the folder tab overflow menu could open on the wrong monitor if the window was maximized on the left-hand monitor of a multi-monitor system.
    • When dragging a file display out to form a new Lister:
      • In dual display mode, all tabs are now moved to the new Lister, and the file display is closed.
      • In single display mode, the active tab is moved to the new Lister, but all other tabs remain.
      • In single display mode with only one tab, the tab is replicated in the new Lister.
    • Improved the processing of slave tabs. We now try to calculate the relative difference (parent, child or sibling) between the old and new paths in all cases and apply the same change to the slave path.
    • If two linked tabs are both locked, when the master returns to its home directory (e.g. when the tab is clicked) the slave now goes back to its own home dir rather than that of the master.
    • Clicking an already active tab will no longer cause its linked+slaved tab to change folder.
    • Go NEW in conjunction with TABGROUPLOAD was broken (did nothing).
    • Fixed pairs of linked, mutual-slave tabs with different folders having the right tab set to the left tab's folder when loading Folder Tab Groups, Layouts, etc.
    • While dragging folder tabs, extra window icons appeared on the taskbar.
    • Cycling through the next/previous tabs now wraps around when the New Tab button is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with new FAYT tab search mode where the popup list was not the right height on XP (or as it turned out, on Win7 with different fonts).
  • Added ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED to the default error codes that will trigger UNC authentication when attempting to read a network path.
  • Fix rendering issue with tree path highlight when visual styles for items was disabled.
  • With the Folder Tree set to full-row selection, middle-click events still required you to click the actual labels and would be ignored on the rest of the row.
  • Made a change to hopefully improve performance of the folder tree when processing a large number of filesystem change events.
  • Added Windows-key hotkey trapping for most new system hotkeys in Windows 8. Changed the default hotkey for opening a new Lister to Win+Shift+E, since in Win8 we can't trap Win+O any more. On a Win8 system we also remap existing Win+O hotkeys to the new key.
  • If file extensions are hidden, inline rename on a filename with a dot in its stem (e.g. moo.cow.text) no longer treats the text after the dot (.cow) as the extension when selecting the name in the rename field.
  • Duplicate Finder changes/fixes:
    • Using the numbered groups option now correctly starts numbering from 1 rather than showing seemingly random group numbers.
    • Duplicate groups are now sorted using the sort criteria for the Lister itself.
  • The "Change Configuration Mode" command in the Preferences/File menu was broken
  • The drop-down tree control (used in the Find and Duplicate Find tools) was not quite wide enough in some cases.
  • Clipboard COPYNAMES no longer reverses whether or not it includes full paths when the Shift key is held down. If you wanted that (undocumented) feature, you can get it back by using the @keydown modifier in the command.
  • Using Flat View with layouts, folder tabs, etc. no longer overrides the folder format saved with the layouts, tabs, etc. with the Flat View folder format.
  • Modified Set FONTSCALE to use 100 as a baseline rather than 0 (0 still works as a reset though). This means that, for example, you would use Set FONTSCALE=120 to make the font 120% of normal size rather than Set FONTSCALE=20.
  • Recent changes to the extension column meant files without a file extension would show as <Dir> in the "Extensions (dir)" column.
  • Thumbnails of icon files did not work other than in normal folders (e.g. inside a zip file).
  • Fixes relating to copying timestamps:
    • Copy COPYTIME=no COPYDIRDATES=no COPYCREATIONTIME=yes will now copy the creation timestamps of files and folders while skipping the other timestamps. Previously, the CREATIONTIME argument was ignored when the command was not told to set times, but now it can override things.
    • Tidied up the Copy command argument names and documentation for overriding which timestamps are copied. COPYTIMES is now COPYFILETIMES, COPYDIRDATES is now COPYDIRTIMES, and their interaction with COPYCREATIONTIME is now made clearer. The old names still work, to avoid breaking existing commands, but will not be listed in the command editor or manual.
    • Copies to and from plugin archives now preserve or ignore file and folder timestamps respecting the full set of possible overrides.