12 January 2008

About this news page

This page has been created to give you a convenient way to receive news about Directory Opus.

Most of what you will find here will also be posted at the Directory Opus Resource Centre forums, but those forums are very active and not everyone has the time or interest level to read them.

We know it's a pain to find old information on weblogs and have no intention of subjecting you to that process. This news page is not intended to be the primary means of finding or hosting Opus updates, add-ons or tutorials. The purpose of this page is not to replace the Resource Centre but to provide you with a low-volume feed that alerts you to new things.

You can subscribe to this page using an RSS feed reader/aggregator (e.g. Google Reader) or just stop by every so often to stay up-to-date. (The Resource Centre forums also support RSS, by the way.)

We may also occasionally indulge in posts that aren't directly about Opus. If you'd like to filter out that kind of thing then you can use the on-topic label (if you're using a web browser) or the on-topic RSS feed (if you're using a feed reader).

If you are new to Directory Opus, check out the list of links on the right.