23 February 2008

64-bit Animated GIF, TextThumbs, NFO plugins

64-bit users:

64-bit versions of the Animated GIF, TextThumbs and NFO plugins are now available for the first time. They're packaged together in the installer and zip file linked below. Pick either of them, depending on whether or not you prefer to install things by hand. (To install them by hand, download the zip version and copy the DLLs to the /Home/Viewers alias in Opus.)

(Edit: Plugin installer links removed. The plugin now comes with the latest version of Opus so you should install that instead.)

More 64-bit plugins are on the way (and some already come with Opus, of course)...

(24/Feb/2008: Updated links above to the new installer/zip which include the ActiveX plugin.)

32-bit Users: Ignore this post. You've already got these plugins.