6 July 2008

ActiveX plugin v3.1.0.4

Version of the ActiveX plugin has been released.

You can download the update from the plugin's web-page.

Changes in v3.1.0.4 (06/July/2008):

  • No longer causes Excel's formula bar to turn off when using Excel itself (workaround for bug in Excel).

  • Always opens .PDF files via a temporary copy so the original can be deleted. (This doesn't seem necessary with newer versions of Adobe Reader but people complained so I've done it anyway. Maybe it's needed for Acrobat itself.)

  • Avoids opening most Movie and Audio extensions when inside of Zip files. (Since it's rarely desirable and it confused people that the Movie plugin would handle normal files while the ActiveX plugin handled the same types of files if they were inside of Zip files. Now neither plugin handles them.)