9 August 2008

MultiView plugin

An update to the MultiView plugin is available:

  • The plugin now re-opens almost instantly if it has been used in the last few minutes.

  • The plugin now ignores XML files as it did an awful job of displaying them.
With the old plugin if you moved from a .doc to a .txt to another .doc there was a slight dekay (~1.5 seconds) as the second .doc file was loaded. This was because when the Text plugin took over for the .txt file the MultiView plugin shut-down and when the .doc file was selected the MultiView plugin had to be started up again. The new MultiView plugin now remains active for a few minutes so that it is available instantly if you need it again.

(Note: All of this is moot if you are using the ActiveX plugin instead of the MultiView plugin. ActiveX is the default.)

You can grab the new MultiView DLL from the forum thread discussing the issue or wait for the next Opus update.