11 November 2010

Thumbnail plugin for Adobe Illustrator and EPS files

A new plugin has been released which gives Directory Opus the ability to display thumbnails of Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and EPS files.

This is a third-party plugin made by Ardfry Imaging and it requires their PSD Codec to work.

(While the plugin itself is free, the codec it depends on is US$19.95. There is a trial version so you can test it out. It also adds AI, EPS and Photoshop (PSD) thumbnails to Explorer, File-Open dialogs, etc. If you're wondering why it doesn't add PSD thumbnails to Opus as well it's just because Opus already understands PSD by itself.)

The plugin supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Opus and Windows Vista/7. (The plugin doesn't support Windows XP.)

Head over to Ardfry's page for more information, download links, and some screenshots:


It's great to see this plugin as I know several people on the Opus forum have requested something like it. Thanks to Ardfry!