3 February 2012

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. It fixes a number of issues reported since the release of Directory Opus 10.

Because this is beta version, translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

New features and minor changes:

  • A new status bar sample has been added to the Samples drop-down in Preferences / Display / Status Bar that shows off a few of the more advanced features of the status bar.
  • Added an Album Artist column to the Music category, to display the MP3 ID3v2 Album Artist tag.
  • Added Disc Number and Album Artist support for M4A/AAC, FLAC, OGG and APE files.
  • The metadata panel now groups the "common" music tags (Album, Artist, Track, Year, etc) together at the top of the list of tags.
  • Added two new columns to the Lister - Target and User description. The Target column displays the target of shortcuts, links and junctions. The User description column displays the user-assigned comment for the file. With the addition of these two columns you may wish to remove this information from the existing Description column. The new desc_show_info setting in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced lets you configure exactly what the Description column should display.
  • Added a new SHA-1 Checksum column to the Lister, to complement the existing MD5 Checksum column. Added SHA/S argument to the GetSizes command, and Clipboard COPYNAMES now has hash4, hash5 and hash6 arguments to copy SHA-1 checksums to the clipboard. The default Edit menu now contains some SHA-1 commands. Reset your toolbars to defaults to get these in existing configurations.
  • The existing max_md5_file_size Advanced setting can now be set to 1 to completely disable automatic hash calculation.
  • The Advanced Find function has a new option for Contains clause: Assume UTF-8 without BOM. When enabled, text files without a BOM at the beginning will be assumed to be UTF-8 instead of the current system code page.
  • The Synchronize panel has a new option: Sync left-to-right. When this is enabled, the left (or top) file display will always be used as the source of the sync, and the right (or bottom) file display will always be used as the destination, regardless of their actual source/destination states.
  • Right-clicking a Lister Style and choosing Edit from the context menu now automatically selects that style in Preferences after the dialog opens.
  • Added a new command modifier: @disablenosel. When this is specified at the top of a function, the button will be disabled if no files or folders are selected.
  • The Preferences filter can now properly search some pages containing lists of items (e.g. Viewer Plugins, VFS Plugins, Advanced and Language).
  • The Drive List field can now take the nofocus parameter to prevent the source/destination focus being changed when a drive is selected from the drop-down.
  • The FileType SENDTOMENU command has new nosub and shift parameters.
  • The Set Description command now uses the metadata system internally, meaning that descriptions you assign to files like JPEGs will also set the description within the file's tags.
  • Breadcrumbs field path components now support Shift/Ctrl/Alt-clicking to read folders in a new Lister, dual-display or new tab.

Bug fixes:

  • The Send To context menu is now only built when the sub-menu actually opens, rather than when the parent context menu opens. This prevents delays if the Send To folder contains shortcuts to network drives.
  • Rename Presets did not persist their "Rename files in selected sub-folders" and "Rename matching filenames as one" flags.
  • Fixed tooltips on status bar graphs. (A bug introduced in meant only the first graph got a tooltip.)
  • GetSizes MD5/SHA and Clipboard COPYNAMES=hash did not display a progress dialog if only a single file was selected, even if the one file took a long time.
  • Improved look of menus when combined with WindowBlinds, thanks to improvements in WindowBlinds 7.30a.
  • Fixed crash if you copied a context menu item out of the filetype editor on one machine and then tried to paste it into that of another machine (e.g. via Remote Desktop's shared clipboard).
  • Fixed "Go NEW VIEW=thumbnails" and similar, where the view-mode was ignored when opening a new window.
  • Folder formats inside of styles can now override the background color without the override being undone if the style also happens to change folders.
  • In the metapane, tabbing past the BPM field would incorrectly mark it as modified if the file originally had no BPM field.
  • Synchronize filters were not applied correctly to the destination in a two-way sync.
  • Fixed problem with Synchronize where a folder that existed in both the source and destination could be deleted incorrectly because it was empty.
  • Fixed problem with Drive List drop-downs going off the edge of the screen.
  • @ifset now works with CHECKBOXMODE=On and Off, as well as Toggle.
  • The Play command on a toolbar was incorrectly disabled (and would never be enabled) if the Lister opened in a non-filesystem folder.
  • Using Set LAYOUT=Remember followed by Set LAYOUT=Restore would result in blank file display if the Lister was originally in dual display, and then set to single display before the restore.
  • Toggling the viewer pane off & back on repeatedly in the same button could cause a crash.
  • The Track Number column was blank for MP3 files that only had ID3v1 tags.
  • Fixed problem with SetAttr META * not clearing GPS latitude/longitude tags properly.
  • Metapane would show "multiple values" for disc number field when selecting multiple files even if the values were the same.
  • "Ignore folder format of Default Lister" now works when the default lister has folder tabs.
  • "Prefs LAYOUTTHISLISTER=paths" now respects the layout's "ignore folder formats" setting and the LAYOUTIGNOREFORMATS=yes/no argument that can override it.
  • Fixed Prefs LAYOUTTHISLISTER always setting the view-mode to Details.
  • Fixed Lister Styles applying the "View Mode" setting for the right file display based on whether or not the setting for the left file display was on.
  • Fix NavLock immediately going "out of sync" or causing an undesired folder change when used with Lister Styles and Prefs LAYOUTTHISLISTER.
  • Fixed some minor issues with how hotkey fields responded when you pushed Ctrl/Shift/Alt.
  • Fixed problem with the Metapane not updating to reflect changes to metadata made outside of the panel.
  • Setting time/date fields (e.g. the MP3 ReleaseTime field) to an absolute value did not work from the SetAttr META command line.
  • Setting the AuthorURL MP3 tag did not work.
  • SetAttr META * was not removing MP3 tags (broken in
  • Fixed crash which could occur after extracting thumbnails from WMA files, as well as a memory leak and several other potential crashes in the WMA tags code.
  • Fixed crash which could occur in folder-size calculation.
  • Fixed some painting artifacts in the hex viewer.
  • If the hex viewer was resized while its quick-search field was visible, the field would overlap with the viewer's scrollbars.
  • When searching in the text/hex viewer, if you typed quicker than the search could keep up, your last keypress was sometimes ignored.
  • When searching in the text/hex viewer, deleting the search string now clears the highlight instead of leaving the previous letter highlighted.
  • Status bar settings were left as-is if you opened Preferences, chose a new status bar setup from the Samples menu, then clicked OK or Apply without editing the status bar further.
  • Status bar codes like {hba} (hidden bytes) resulted in random gibberish on the status bar.