29 May 2012

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

New features and minor changes:
  • When Explorer Replacement is set to open folders in new tabs, Opus now switches to an existing tab if one is already open for the folder instead of opening a redundant tab. (This new behaviour is automatic for most things but will not apply to Zip files and jump-lists until you make a change to your Explorer Replacement tab options.)
  • A new Explorer Replacement option can make Opus open all of your default folder tabs in addition to the folder being launched:
    • Turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / Explorer Replacement / Open all Default Lister tabs when opening a new window to enable this.
    • With the new option on, if there are no existing windows then your default lister will open -- including all of its folder tabs -- and then a new tab will be added to it for the launched folder. (If the launched folder is already in one of your default tabs, that tab will be selected instead of opening a redundant tab.) If you launch a folder and there is already a window open then a new tab will open within that window, as before.
  • The Go command has a new NEWTAB=deflister argument which can give you similar behaviour, regardless of your Explorer Replacement settings. i.e. Open a new tab in an existing window if there is one, else open your default lister, with all its tabs, and then open a new tab within that.
  • The Go command has a new EXISTINGLSITER argument:
    • This tells Opus to switch to another window if one is already showing the specified folder and to open a new window or tab (etc.) otherwise.
    • You can use EXISTINGLISTER=activetabsonly if you only want active tabs to be considered, so that another top-level window might be activated but no windows will change their currently active tabs.
    • As an example of where you can use this, you could create a User Command which runs this:
      Go /Desktop NEW KEYARGS "none:EXISTINGLISTER=activetabsonly"
      If you assign that to your Desktop Double-Click action then double-clicking the desktop will switch to an existing lister, if one is already showing Desktop in an active tab, and open a new lister showing Desktop otherwise. The KEYARGS part means that holding shift, ctrl or alt while double-clicking would override the EXISTINGLISTER check so that you can open multiple windows showing the Desktop folder when you want to.
  • Folder tabs no longer underline their labels when the mouse is over them, if Treat tab label as folder when dragged or right-clicked is turned off.
  • When opening the container of selected files (e.g. from the Find Results collection), the files are now selected after opening the folder(s), even if the OPENCONTAINER=target argument isn't used. You can use the new arguments Go OPENCONTAINER=noselect and Go OPENCONTAINER=target,noselect to prevent selection if you wish.
  • Improvements to the Print/Export Folder command and dialog:
    • It is now much faster to send large folder listings to the clipboard or a text file.
    • File outputs now use non-buffered IO and support UAC elevation if needed to write the file.
    • File outputs now allow you to choose the text encoding (ASCII or UTF-8, with or without a BOM), via a drop-down in the Browse dialog.
    • You can also specify the encoding via the Print command's new ENCODING argument.
    • The dialog no longer goes unresponsive while generating the listing or print-out, and some quirks of the window's behaviour have been ironed out.
  • Windows 7 taskbar progress "pause" (yellow) and "error" (red) states are now used in more situations to help you see when a background task is prompting for your attention.
  • Improved GetSizes MD5/SHA and Clipboard COPYNAMES=hash commands:
    • Byte-by-byte progress shown as each file is calculated (much nicer for huge files).
    • Full progress dialog including Pause button and time estimates.
    • Non-buffered IO used to read large files.
    • Better error handling.
    • Files can now be skipped.
  • Codes that insert paths into commands can now use escregexp to escape those paths for use in regular expressions. For example, you can use the following command when in Flat View mode to calculate the selected item paths relative to the current folder and put them in the clipboard:
    Clipboard COPYNAMES REGEXP "{sourcepath|escregexp}(.*)" \1
  • Copy buffer-size changes:
    • In Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced, the copy_buffer_size and copy_nonbufferio_threshold settings can now take both KB and MB units.
    • The Copy command's BUFSIZE and NONBUFIO arguments also allow KB and MB units to be specified.
    • copy_nonbufferio_threshold now defaults to 1MB.
  • Re-organised some Preferences options:
    • Sort newly created and copied files is now in File Operations / Copying Options.
    • Use Tab key to switch source/destination in dual-display Listers is now in File Displays / Options.
    • Clipboard image paste format is now Miscellaneous / Advanced: clipboard_image_paste.
    • Allow docking of Listers is now in File Displays / Border.
    • Path completion options are now in Folders / Folder Behaviour.
    • Changing configuration mode (Private vs Shared) is now done via the Preferences dialog's File menu.
    • Removed the Miscellaneous / Options page.
    • Windows Integration option to add Open in Directory Opus to folder context menus is now only enabled if Explorer Replacement is disabled. (If Explorer Replacement is on then the menu item has to be added and the option does nothing.)
  • The default toolbar's old View Mode menu has been turned into a menu-button. The button part provides a quick, convenient way to toggle between Details and Thumbnails modes. The menu part provides the same menu as before, with the other view modes. You'll need to reset your Menu toolbar to defaults if you want to pick up this change.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed 'dopus_changeprocessor' crash a couple of people saw while copying files to slow devices.
  • Fixed Windows 7's Set as Desktop Background menu item crashing when used within libraries.
  • Fixed unnecessary delay in the My Computer folder before information appeared for some drives.
  • Fixed disk-space graphs not always appearing in the My Computer folder on some machines.
  • Improved empty/non-empty drive detection.
  • Fixed the right edges of file icons being clipped if themed item selections were disabled in file-displays without background images when certain fonts were used in conjunction with ClearType anti-aliasing and file names began with certain characters which the operating system would draw significantly to the left of where Opus actually requested the labels to be drawn.
  • Fixed long delay when opening certain Zip files for the first time.
  • Fixed problem with 7z, RAR and other non-Zip archives below directories with names starting with spaces.
  • Fixed intermittent problem when deleting files open in the viewer via certain plugins. Opus did not always wait for the plugin to close the file before attempting to delete it. (Opus still won't wait forever, so if the plugin takes a very long time to respond then you may still see an error message or UAC prompt, but you should no longer see them under normal circumstances.)
  • Skipping files should no longer throw out the progress time-remaining estimation.