4 June 2013

How to make Win-E open a default lister instead of Computer

  • Win + E hotkey

    Normally, the Windows + E hotkey will open the Computer folder, rather than your default lister. If Directory Opus is set as the default file manager then the Computer folder will open in Opus.

    The Win + E hotkey is defined by Windows itself, whether or not Opus is installed, as meaning "open the Computer folder", and that's just what it does. (You can change what it does, if you wish; see below.)

  • Shift + Win + E and Win + O hotkeys

    Opus creates its own system-wide hotkey which opens your default lister. The hotkey will be either Shift + Win + E or Win + O, depending on your version of Windows and the version of Opus you first installed.

    (Before Opus 10.5, Win + O was the default hotkey. Unfortunately, Windows 8 has taken over the key and it no longer works for Opus. Newer versions of Opus use Shift + Win + E as the default instead. If you do a clean install of Opus you will get the newer Shift + Win + E hotkey. On the other hand, if you use a configuration that came from an old version of Opus then you will keep the old Win + O hotkey, unless you're on Windows 8 where it is automatically changed to the new Shift + Win + E key.)

  • Overriding the Win + E hotkey

    To override the Win + E hotkey and make it open your default lister instead of the Computer folder, follow these steps:

    1. Select Settings -> Customize Toolbars...

      Settings, Customize Toolbars menu

    2. Select the Keys tab and click the New Hotkey icon.

      Adding a new hotkey

    3. Tick the System-wide hotkey checkbox.

      Click on the Hotkey field and push Win + E.

      (i.e. Hold down the Windows key, then push the E key, then release the Windows key.)

      (If the keys do not work, or cause the Start Menu or Computer folder to open, you probably did not set the System-wide hotkey checkbox; you must do that first to be able to use the Windows key here.)

      Set the Function field to Go NEW (or the command of your choice).

      Definig the new hotkey

    4. Finally, click OK in the Command Editor, and then click OK again back in the Customize window.

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