3 March 2014

Directory Opus 11 is now available!

GPSoftware are pleased to announce the release of Directory Opus 11!

Three years after the release of Directory Opus 10, following an extremely successful public beta program, we are happy to announce that Directory Opus 11 is now available for purchase.

Generous discounts are available for existing users of Directory Opus when you upgrade to Opus 11 - and remember that you can add extra licenses when you upgrade and get the same discount on the additional licenses.

Please Note: If you have been using a beta version of Opus 11 it is important that you download the release version using the link above. You should not use the auto-update check in the program itself, as this will download Opus 10 instead.

Upgrades and licensing:
  • Registered Directory Opus 10 users can upgrade from as little as $50 AUD (~$45 USD, £27, €33).
  • If you bought Opus after 1st December 2013 then the update is completely free!
  • Users of older versions still qualify for discounted upgrades - visit the Upgrade page for a personalised quotation.
  • An extra discount will be given to Opus 10 users who were part of the public beta testing program - thank you all for your participation!
Just some of the highlights of Directory Opus 11 are:
  • The new scripting interface allows custom commands and scripts written in VBScript, JScript, etc to infinitely extend Opus
  • Toolbars can be saved in layouts and styles - different Listers can now use different toolbars
  • Toolbars can turn on or off automatically in specific folders or view modes
  • Enhanced hotkeys allow for multi-key sequences and multiple different keys for the same function
  • Dynamic toolbar button icons and highlighting allow you more control over your toolbar appearance
  • The new File Display Toolbar replaces the main Location toolbar, saving vertical space in the Lister
  • The new Jobs Bar lets you see and manage all file operations from one central location
  • Hide progress indicators by default, and remove them from the taskbar and Alt+Tab list to avoid interruptions to your workflow
  • New Details + Thumbnails mode combines the best of both modes
  • New "ghost" crumbs in the Breadcrumbs location field let you see where you have been as well as where you are now
  • Dual status bars let you see file and selection statistics for both file displays at once
  • Improvements to the Find-as-you-type field include search highlighting and command history
  • New options for the Folder Tree including root-level spacing and Favorites branch at the top of the tree as in Explorer
  • Integrated support for Windows 8.1 SkyDrive (OneDrive)
  • Much, much more!
For a detailed list of changes, please see the What's New page.