17 December 2015

Directory Opus 11.17

Directory Opus 11.17 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 11 users.



This stable update includes the following new change in addition to everything from the 11.16.x beta updates:

  • Enabled preservation of folder dates when copying to FTP sites.
11.16.1 beta:
  • Fixed an error uploading to some SSH SFTP sites.
  • The combination of Single Click and Full Row Select modes now interprets clicks anywhere on the line as a double-click, instead of only on the name part. (Unless Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: single_click_rename is on.)
  • Fixed scrollbars and full row selection rectangles not updating to account for bold labels in auto-sized columns when changing folders.
  • Windows 10: Open With > Choose Default Program now lets you set a default program again, not just select which program is used to open the file once.
  • Breadcrumbs path field now respects the Select previous folder when going up Preferences setting by default. The selectprevious and noselectprevious args can be used to override this.
  • The Drives List drop-down will now take you to the root of the drive if you select the drive you are already on. (Previously, it did nothing, even when the curdir argument was not specified.). When the curdir argument is used this must be enabled by adding the rootmode argument as well. The same change also applies to the Go DRIVEBUTTONS command when CURDIR argument is used.
  • Metadata panel defaults to the current folder when you add cover art. (Since the cover art is usually already in the same folder as the music.)
  • Metadata panel would show coverart unghosted if you selected one file, then ctrl-selected another with different art. Both covers should be ghosted unless changed or in both files.
  • Fixed Windows Search results from the previous query coming into the results collection if you changed the query while the previous one was about to return results.
  • Fixed libraries pointing at network paths loading slowly if localized paths were enabled.
  • Fix for status bar which could appear over some lister elements if it was turned off and you switched to dual display.
  • Tooltips in some list controls (mainly in Preferences, not the file display) could show text for the item above the mouse pointer in some situations.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with Thumbnails mode where tiny thumbnails (or huge fonts) could cause labels to draw on top of each other in extreme cases.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with Tiles mode and the Details mode Thumbnail column. The case of CD cover thumbnails could grow larger than the cover art inside it.
  • Fix for the script log not showing all script output when scripts generated a huge volume of messages at once.
  • Fixed memory leak when using script columns.
  • Fixed memory leak each time a Rename or Column script was called for a file.
  • Fixed scripting doubleClickData.mouse always showing "none" outside of Details and Power modes.
  • Fix for script columns not working for all items in folders with around 10,000 items or more.
  • Fix for crash which could occur with some script code. e.g. "Set x = Nothing, DOpus.Output x"
  • Windows 10: The folder tree no longer shows duplicate copies of removable drives under both Desktop and This PC branches (sometimes reported as empty drives being shown).
  • AudioTags plugin now handles incorrect FLAC files with ID3 data before the "fLaC" header by skipping over it.
  • Fixed a number of issues with high DPI displays.
11.16.2 beta:
  • The thumbnail size slider can now be made to preserve the currently set aspect ratio, by adding the "preserve" keyword to the Args field when editing the field's underlying command.
  • The thumbnail size slider, and Show THUMBNAILSIZE by default, now affect hidden folder tabs as well as the visible ones.
  • Static context menu items that have localized strings for labels now work if they use an environment variable (e.g. @%CommonProgramFiles%\...) to load a string from a DLL.
  • Copy MAKELINK AS now guards against creating a shortcut on top of the file being pointed to.
  • Fixed Create Multiple Folders checkbox not always redrawing immediately if toggled via the keyboard.
  • Clicking the Sync panel's source/dest swap button now also swaps the lock states of the two path fields.
  • The Find and Dupes panels now automatically unlock their folder lists when the lists are modified.
  • Fixed crash when changing Find In folder via the browse dialog in specific circumstances.
  • Fixed the new destination tab opened for Find Results being made the source if it triggered dual display opening and the global option to open the dual display as source was on.
  • Renaming the case of things inside Rar and 7z archives now works.
  • Adding files from collections (including search results) to archives is now faster for Zip and now possible for plugin formats (7z, RAR, etc.).
  • If you launch a folder that is already open in the destination side of a dual-display lister, that side will now be made the source, so you can immediately use the folder via the keyboard.
  • Fixed copied folders gaining the A attribute when preserving attributes, if NTFS ADS metadata for them was also copied.
  • Fixed metadata panel only allowing the mouse wheel to increase, not decrease, the MP3 year tag if it was empty before clicking on it.
  • If you ran the Duplicate Finder with nothing defined for the output collection, the Select button did not work.
  • High DPI: Fixed the Advanced Button Editor toolbar covering the first line of the edit control at high DPI, if the dialog had its minimal size.
11.16.3 beta:
  • Opus now attempts to detect when third-party DLLs incorrectly call the WSACleanup() function, which can cause Opus FTP to stop working. If an incorrect call is detected Opus will block it and inform you of the faulty DLL's name.
  • If Opus detects it is running elevated on a machine with UAC enabled, it now displays "ADMINISTRATOR" in the titlebar so it is easy to detect. It also adds warnings beside Preferences options related to things which only work when Opus is run normally, like Explorer Replacement and Desktop Double-Click. (See our related guide for more information. Generally, you should use the built-in UAC support and Administrator Mode rather than run the whole program elevated.)
  • SSH - Updated putty to 0.66 (minor changes only).
  • Windows 10: Double-clicks on PDF files now work on a vanilla Windows 10 machine. (May also fix double-click issues with some other file types that don't have a file type class registered.)
  • Fix for drag & drop not working from Calibre to Opus.
  • Fix for crash which could happen when holding down a hotkey for several seconds, triggering folder read/refresh, with either scripts diverting the read to a different folder or a folder that takes a long time to read.
  • Fixed problem that could cause TortoiseSVN status icons to not update after a commit.
11.16.4 beta:
  • The Go command has a new TOFRONT argument which makes the lister the active window and brings it to the front. This can be useful if you need to send Opus a single-line command from an external program and want to both change folders and activate the window.
  • Fixed 11.16.3 breaking TSVN overlays in some cases, and possibly some other shell extensions which used WinSock in certain ways.
  • Set COLUMNSTOGGLE=columnlist,insert now inserts nearest where you right-clicked, instead of always inserting to the left of the column you clicked on.
  • The default column header context menu uses COLUMNSTOGGLE=columnlist,insert now.
  • Button editor menus for COLUMNSTOGGLE now include the insert argument.
  • The list under Preferences / Display / Fields now only draws items in custom font styles/colors if they are enabled.
  • Select Folder dialog (e.g. from Find panel's browse button) no longer selects the special Local Harddrives item when it isn't supposed to, and now does select it when it is supposed to.
  • Windows 10 and 8.1: Select Folder dialog (e.g. from Find panel's browse button) now filters the This PC (aka My Computer) branch to exclude things which are not drive roots, removing the profile folder clutter Windows has put there.
  • The "Allow file selection when clicking..." mouse options are now more consistent with their descriptions, between Details/Power and other modes, and with how they handle selection vs deselection.
  • Fix for lister not coming to the front if "Allow file selection when clicking to switch source/destination state" was turned off and the lister was activated by clicking on a file outside of Details and Power modes.
  • Improved UAC elevation "ADMINISTRATOR" warnings added in 11.16.3 to exclude built-in admin account if not subject to UAC.
  • Fixed a crash if you closed the Customize dialog when you had a context menu's submenu displayed.
11.16.5 beta:
  • Fixed breadcrumbs path field sometimes showing the wrong icon for the current folder when editing the path, and in the drop-down list.
  • Fixed path field drop-downs ending up with multiple items for the same folder if the Recent list was disabled.
  • Fixed Breadcrumbs and Recent path field drop-downs using the per-lister History limit to trim the Recent list, if they are displaying it.
  • Improvement to icon refresh after e.g. TortoiseSVN commit.
  • Fixed bug which stopped the FTP Quick Connect function from working when selecting a site from the dropdown list.