17 March 2016

Directory Opus 11.18

Directory Opus 11.18 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 11 users.



This stable update includes the following new change in addition to everything from the 11.17.x beta updates:

  • Fixed problem introduced in the 11.17.x betas that caused some toolbar buttons to not update their display correctly (e.g. the view mode buttons when changing view modes).
11.17.x betas:
  • Fixed an issue which could cause icons to disappear (be drawn empty) in conjunction with OneDrive (and sometimes other) shell icon overlay extensions.
  • Fixed double-click on text files not launching EditPlus if it was the default handler (and possibly other programs that register in the same way).
  • Windows 10: Fixed "Open With > Choose Default Program" again after recent Windows 10 updates broke the previous fix.
  • Windows 10: Fixed some problems with redirected profile folders not being filtered out below the This PC branch of the folder tree.
  • Windows XP: Opus 11.17 introduced a change which broke the Duplicate File Finder on Windows XP. It's now fixed.
  • Pasting paths like C:\Users\%username% into the location field now works. Previously the field only accepted paths which started with env-vars. This is only supported for local fixed drives at present, to balance typical use and performance.
  • Fixed update checker's "Edit update settings" link being much too wide.
  • Fixed inline rename ending up over the wrong line if you were sorting by a script column and, for example, pushed ctlr-o to create and rename a new text file.
  • Fixed flat view folder checkbox appearing on the filter bar when in Mixed (No Folders) mode, where the checkbox has no effect.
  • Fixed cases where changing between different Flat View modes did not always re-filtering/re-sorting the file display (possibly only when filtering folders as well).
  • Fixed "Filter folders in Flat view" checkbox not immediately appearing in the filter bar if the bar was already visible and you switched into Flat View while in a folder that has only empty child folders (if any).
  • Toolbar buttons to set filters related to the folder format did not update their checked/unchecked state until something else triggered a toolbar refresh.
  • If you went back or forward in the lister history, the folder format explanation continued to reference the old folder and format. It now changes to "Remembered State", since we do not store explanations with the history.
  • Fixed thumbnail spacing being increased by options to display date/size/dimensions in the label when the label was actually turned off.
  • If the file display was sorted by name and grouped by extension, changing a file's extension did not correctly shift it into the new group.
  • Top-level Breadrcumbs menu now filters out folders from the list of drives. (Same clutter Win8.1 and Win10 added under This PC in other places.)
  • A fix in 11.17 had the unwanted side effect that we no longer went back to the previous folder after a failed navigation (unless it was initiated from a script). This behaviour has been restored.
  • Fixed "Open unregistered file types in text viewer if they appear to be plain text" taking precedence over the "Open With" choice for files which are in text format and are without a registered file type.
  • Fixed crash if you held ctrl while turning the mouse wheel in parts of the Customize dialog.
  • Updated to the latest version (9b) of "libjpeg", the library that Opus uses for JPEG image support.
  • Fixed a problem with folders containing SolidWorks files loading slowly when the SolidWorks shell extension is installed.
  • Fixed the option to copy NTFS metadata (including labels etc.) being ignored by the Duplicate command. (Normal copy from one folder to another was fine; this only affected Duplicate for creating copies in the source folder.)
  • Fixed minor cosmetic issue with Details and Power mode group headings when using column background colors and not using visual styles to draw items.
  • Alt-e now activates the Edit button in the Preferences, Scripts list.
  • SetAttr META now understands lastmodifieddate as an alias of modifydate when setting one date field to another. e.g. SetAttr META createdate:lastmodifieddate
  • FTP: Fix for recursive deletion not working against Solid Explorer (Android file manager) built-in FTP server.
  • The Join UI no longer skips over selected .url files.
  • Config file changes are now tried up to three times with a delay in case an external program is locking the config files at the time they are written.
  • Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders / OneDrive didn't disable when the parent Desktop virtual folder option was disabled.
  • Windows 8: Fixed not being able to select the special This PC / Local Harddrives (C:, D:, etc.) item in the Find panel. Problem did not affect Windows 7 or Windows 10.
  • Fixed issue removing cover art from multiple MP3 files with identical covers did not always affect all of the files.
  • Text-File Thumbnails: Increased the size of data used when deciding if a file is text or not.
  • The metadata pane incorrectly removed the "copy from date taken" etc options from the date modified/date created field if files were selected or deselected after the pane had been initialized.
  • The tooltip that displays the keys pressed so far in a hotkey sequence now redraws properly if more than 2 keys are defined.
  • Fixed problem in the viewer with "fit to page", in some cases scrollbars could end up calculated incorrectly.
  • Scripting fixes:
    • Script methods that expect to be given containers like Map or Vector as a parameter (e.g. Map.assign) now also work if given a Var that contains the object.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur if a script assigned a Var to itself. (same ref. as above)
    • Fixed OnDoubleClick scripts not having item.is_dir and other properties when drives under This PC (My Computer) were double-clicked.
    • Within scripts, file items from libraries, when obtained via a tab's collections (e.g. selected_files), now have their realpath properties resolved to their real paths. Previously, they would be a lib://... path and you would have to use FSUtil.Resolve on them.
    • User commands and commands added by scripts no longer have argument keywords in the template forced to all-uppercase (e.g. BLAH/K[foo,bar,baz]).
    • Script-generated dialogs with more than two items in the first button's drop-down menu now work correctly.
    • Script commands run from a button with the @filesonly or @dirsonly modifiers will now respect the modifiers for the list of files in the Func object received by the script.
    • Fixed inconsistent FSUtil.GetType result for zip files inside libraries vs inside normal folders
    • Added display_name property to Item.groups members to make it possible to query the displayed name of a filetype group as well as its internal name (this property now returns a Vector of FiletypeGroup objects).