20 April 2017

Directory Opus 12.4.4 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.4.4 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

This is an Opus 12 update. If you are using Opus 11 or earlier then you should not install this beta unless you want to upgrade to Opus 12.



  • The Info Tip font is now configurable through Preferences.
  • The {dlgsave} code now allows the "save as type" field to be populated, e.g. {dlgsave|Title|Default Name.txt|type=Text Files!*.txt!Doc Files!*.doc}. Add # following the type= string to automatically include the "All files" item.
  • Label lists in Preferences / Folder Options now use the configured file text color as well as background color.
  • On the Label Assignments page in Preferences, it was possible to open multiple label filter dialogs simultaneously, which could cause a crash when the dialogs were closed.
  • The Change Attributes dialog now resizes to make sure the list of attributes is completely visible.
  • Fixed problem where a label filter that used Type Match Folders could misidentify some archives as folders when in a library.
  • Fixed a problem with labels not working properly on folders in the tree if they have localized filenames.
  • Fixed problem with PDF metadata not decoding some strings correctly.
  • If a toolbar button was highlighted with the mouse and then the mouse moved over an adjacent spacer, the button would remain highlighted.
  • Fixed problem with progress dialog ending up the wrong size if it was minimized with the copy queue visible and all but the last item finished (removing the queue) while still minimized.
  • Info tips will now display strings enclosed in angle brackets (e.g. <blah>) unless they're a supported html-style tag.
  • Fix for double-clicking images if the Windows Photos app was set as the default image viewer, after the Windows 10 Creators Update.
  • Fixed problem with metadata pane not setting exif tags in some circumstances.
  • Set JOBSBAR command was missing from the manual.
  • For combo edit controls in script dialogs, Control.value.name now returns the string entered by the user if they typed something in rather than picking from the dropdown list.
  • In scripts, a Dialog object can now be used as the parent window for things that need one. E.g. a dialog can have another dialog as its parent.
  • The new Dialog.disable_window property lets a dialog automatically disable a window while it's visible, and re-enable it again once the dialog closes.
  • Save dialogs shown via the Dialog.Save method now support a fourth argument to populate the "save as type" dropdown.
  • Fixed a problem with "multicol" script columns incorrectly being called for non-multicol columns.