16 September 2019

Directory Opus 12.17

Directory Opus 12.17 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.

New versions are often made available several days before they will be detected by the update checker. You can download Opus using the links below if you don't want to wait.


Changes since 12.16:

This release includes all changes from the 12.16.x beta versions.

  • Added command to tell the Lister Preview Pane to open a specific file. e.g. Show VIEWPANECMD="open,C:\My Image.png".
  • Added Show VIEWPANECMD=clear to unload any current file and clear the viewer pane.
  • Prefs LAYOUTTHISLISTER has a new nopanels parameter which allows you to apply a layout's size, position or paths to the current window without applying its panels (viewer pane, dual file display, utility panel, etc.).
  • The new Show LOADALLTHUMBS command can be used to trigger the loading of all thumbnails in the current folder (equivalent to having the Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Load all thumbnails in a folder automatically option turned on).
  • The ContextMenu SHOWCMDS command now displays the context menu commands in a listview rather than a plain text dialog.
    • The list can be sorted by the various columns and can also be filtered to make it easier to find a desired command.
    • Right-click an item in the list to create a command line in the clipboard to run the command.
    • Fixed a problem which meant some context menu commands (e.g. those added by Dropbox Smart Sync) were inaccessible.
    • Added ContextMenu LABELRAW argument, which allows the label to be provided via a raw argument and supports embedded quotes.
  • Added Wild.EscapeString script method to escape any wildcard characters in a string.
  • Fixed Show VIEWPANECMD buttons being disabled if no files were selected.
  • List Mode scrollbar handling improved when the window is not wide enough to fit a whole column of files.
  • Fixed script output panel scrollbars not always adjusting properly when they were resized. Also fixed flickering when moving the output panel splitter in the CLI dialog.
  • Added mitigation for issue which caused desktop and taskbar icons to flash repeatedly on at least one person's systems, apparently due to SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED events triggering themselves in a loop.
  • Fixed problem introduced by OneDrive mitigations that stopped thumbnails in Dropbox working.
  • Setting file descriptions using NTFS now works on long paths (while the path length is no longer limited as such, if the total path length is greater than 260 chars then the length of the filename you're setting the description on is limited to approximately (236 - <temporary path length>) ).
  • Experimental support for high-resolution scrolling via mousewheels and trackpads. This has been added for the file display, the folder tree, and certain lists like the main category list in Preferences. People without high-res devices shouldn't notice any difference.

  • Fix for delay when loading a layout, set to close existing Listers, if an existing Lister had an image loaded into the viewer pane.
  • Fix for theme import skipping images, icons or sounds if the config folders for them did not already exist.
  • Fixed codes like {file|noext|escwild} and {file|ext=*|escwild} removing/replacing the extension twice from names containing multiple dots.
  • Sped up rendering and scrolling of the file display, particularly when files are selected and vertical grid lines are in use.
  • Fix for opening a Folder Tab Group containing linked tabs, when the Lister already has linked tabs which aren't being closed.
  • Improved detection of the file display's current drive being removed when the folder tree is not in use. (Should trigger navigation up to This PC aka My Computer.)
  • Fixed label fonts/colors not always being applied to copied files until after a refresh (F5).
  • Print Folder now correctly shows all labels if the Label column is turned on in the format.
  • The old EXIF Lens Type field is now called Lens Model (as this is its correct name) and the Lens Make field has been added.
  • Updating the lens model in XMP data now works correctly.
  • The size shown for images in the standalone viewer's status bar now uses automatic units rather than being fixed to KB.
  • Malformed zip files that contain a directory entry called ./ are now handled correctly instead of being rejected.
  • Fixed Find-As-You-Type field's pop-up command history when selecting a command using the mouse instead of the keyboard.
  • Fixed Print/Export Folder, where outputting both MD5 and SHA1 hashes would only output one of the two and now does both.
  • Print/Export Folder now always generates MD5 and SHA1 hashes when they are included in the output, regardless of file sizes and the max_md5_file_size setting.
  • The Select previous folder when going Up option now works correctly when you go up from inside an archive to the top level of a library.
  • The @if: command clause can now be used in a user command to test the value of user command arguments. The format is @if:&&ARG&&=value or @if:&&ARG&&!=value (the double-ampersands are necessary).
  • The Rename dialog now permits empty Old Name and New Name fields for the wildcard or regular expression, if other operations (e.g. Modify Capitalization) are being applied to the files. Previously, you could not click OK if both fields were blank, outside of the Find And Replace modes.
  • Improved the way FTP sites are used by Layouts, Folder Tab Groups, the Recent list, and similar objects which save lists of open paths. Details such as host name, port and username are no longer saved, and will be looked up via the FTP Address Book instead. This means you can make changes to an address book entry (as long as you do not move or rename the entry itself) without having to re-save the Layouts (etc.) which refer to it. Note, however, that this only works with Layouts (etc.) saved after this update has been installed.
  • The Preview Pane now works with some third-party preview handlers which do not register themselves properly.