8 November 2019

Directory Opus 12.17.6 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.17.6 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.17.5 beta:

  • Removed delay between Find completing and the (full) results appearing in the file display.
  • Improved the Reset focus entry when sorting file list option so that the file display never scrolls in reaction to a sort change when it is on. If the item with focus is scrolled out of view, focus will now be reset to the first visible item. Now, if the option is on and you scroll to the top or bottom of the file list and click a column header, you will still be at the top or bottom of the list. This option is now enabled by default. (Only affects new or reset configs. To change it in existing configs, go to Preferences / File Displays / Options.)
  • Transition Animations code now uses both the old (pre 12.17.4) and new (12.17.4) methods of testing for mixed DPI scenarios, in case the new method alone was not working on some systems.
  • Transition Animations are no longer attempted on minimized windows, in case it was the cause of problems seen by a couple of people in recent betas.
  • Fixed an issue where, if labels were stored in Preferences rather than NTFS, multi-line commands which added/removed labels to the same file in multiple stages only really had the last line affect the file.
  • If population of auto-sized file display columns causes a scrollbar to appear at the bottom of the Lister, the file display now scrolls down slightly if needed to keep the item with focus visible. (In particular, this fixes an issue where navigating to a file path, such that the parent folder is read and the file is selected, could have the file immediately covered by the scrollbar.)

  • You can now give the Metadata pane keyboard focus via Set FOCUS=metapane (e.g. if you want to use a hotkey to give it focus).
  • Scripting: The Command.Results object now has a NewViewers property which returns a collection of any standalone image viewers created when the command was run, similar to the existing NewListers and NewTabs properties.
  • Scripting: DOpus.Viewers no longer includes viewers which are in the process of closing.
  • Scripting: The Command.Results.NewListers and NewTabs lists now return the Listers and tabs in the order they were created. (The same is also true for the new NewViewers list.)