23 March 2021

Directory Opus 12.23.3 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.23.3 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.23.2:

  • The Image Conversion dialog now has options to prevent images from being enlarged or from being reduced (useful when resizing a batch of images).
  • The Image LOCATE command now accepts the kml keyword. This does exactly the same thing as Image LOCATE=googleearth but doesn't check for the presence of Google Earth specifically (i.e. any tool can be assigned to open .kml files).
  • Image LOCATE=googleearth (and kml) now supports locating multiple images at once.
  • Image LOCATE=windowsmaps now works to locate selected images (up to 25 maximum) in the Windows 10 Maps app.
  • The format lock (if turned on) no longer applies when navigating to the This PC or MTP folder (i.e. one of the locations in the System folder formats category).
  • The Inherit columns from other matching formats and Content threshold folder format settings are no longer preserved by Favorite formats (they aren't applicable to Favorites, but if you created the Favorite by copying it from a format that had these options modified, they would be preserved behind the scenes).
  • Clicking OK in the Customize dialog now saves any changes in any currently-open function editors (previously changes in function editors would be lost unless they were OK'd first).
  • When searching the Preferences dialog, the search index is now saved to disk to make subsequent searches faster. This also avoids having to create all the Preferences pages, which takes a while and, in turn, triggers a bug in current versions of Windows 10 that makes the Preferences window very slow to move. Further, it should help users who reported extremely slow Preferences searches unless they disabled their virus checkers. The first search you do will be the same speed as before, but all subsequent searches should be much faster. (The cache will also be discarded each time Opus is updated, after changing language, and after larger Windows updates.)
  • Added keywords ftpsitename and ftphost to the Breadcrumbs field. When in an FTP site, ftpsitename will cause the breadcrumbs field to show the address book name of the site (if any) rather than the host address. ftpsitename,ftphost will show both.
  • The combination of {file|noext|urlencode} now works.
  • The context menu in the File Log now has an Open Containing Folder command on it.
  • Close PROGRAM=onlast now works properly from a user-defined command.
  • It's now possible to type an alias name containing a vertical bar into the location field.
  • When a label definition's text and background colors are so similar that the text would be unreadable, Opus now makes the label color more high contrast in the UI (e.g. in Preferences or in the Set Label menu item).
  • If the drag & drop function from filetypes is deleted so that no action would take place when a drag & drop occurs, the mouse cursor now reflects this rather than showing the default "copy" cursor.
  • The {dlgchoose} and {dlgchooseS} codes now let you prefix an option with default: to make it the initial selection.
  • The options/values for {dlgchoose} now support embedded + and = characters if they are doubled-up.
  • Tooltip thumbnails are now shown in thumbnails mode if they are configured for a size at least twice as large as the thumbnails in the file display (this same logic was already used for tiles and details+thumbnails modes).
  • Fixed incompatibility with drag & drops coming from PeaZip.
  • Fixed problems with descript.ion files being left behind if a folder containing one was moved from one drive to another (assuming support for descript.ion files is enabled).
  • Dragging a folder from an MTP device in Explorer to the Opus folder tab bar no longer opens a tab for every subfolder within it.
  • The Allow file selection when clicking to... options on the Preferences / File Displays / Mouse page now work with Single-click to open an item turned on.
  • In a dual file display, %G in the custom title bar definition would always show the target folder for the left file display rather than the source.
  • When the Sort field-specific key scrolling option is turned on, and the file list is sorted by something other than the name column, matches from the FAYT are now shown in that column as they are when searching on filename.
  • In a context menu, clicking the parent item of an already-open submenu no longer closes the submenu and then reopens it.
  • Resetting the Folder Options / Columns page to factory defaults now resets the Width columns to Auto rather than leaving them empty.
  • Implemented a workaround for a Windows 10 issue which causes lag when moving certain windows. (This problem started with a late 2020 Windows 10 update and affects any program or window with a large number of controls inside it. In Opus, the worst affected window was Preferences after doing a search, since that created all the sub-pages inside the window. Opening a large number of folder tabs in a lister could also trigger similar problems. You can see similar problems with Photoshop, or in some text editors if you open a lot of document tabs. Our workaround isn't perfect -- window movement can become jerky instead of laggy -- but makes things a lot better, until Microsoft fix their OS. The workaround has only been added to the Preferences and lister windows for now, as it shouldn't be needed for any others.)
  • Changing the Text Viewer's bold and italic font settings now updates existing viewers.
  • When loading a Lister Style that is set to load a tab group, if any sections of the folder formats of the tabs in the group are turned off, this is now respected.
  • Fixed problem with wildcard label filters on MTP devices where wildcards would not correctly match the beginning of filenames.
  • Fixed problem with the controls under the Preferences / Folder Tabs / Appearance / Same size tabs option not being initially selected correctly in all cases.
  • Fixed incorrect interaction between custom time format and the Show seconds/Show milliseconds options.
  • Fixed problem which could result in an incorrect folder being loaded in a dual display Lister when changing between a network and a local folder, and something other than Desktop was selected as the start of the folder tree.
  • Fixed high DPI combobox height with simple {dlgchoose} and script dialog requesters that use them.
  • Added FSUtil.GetADSNames script method. Returns a StringSet containing the names of any alternate NTFS data streams attached to the specified file.
  • Added valign property to script dialog static controls; allows text to be centered vertically or bottom-aligned as well as top-aligned.