11 August 2021

Directory Opus 12.24.3 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.24.3 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.24.2:

  • Added Select SIMILAR=trueext argument; causes the command to ignore multi-part extensions. E.g. file.part1.rar, file.part2.rar and file.part3.rar would all be considered to be .rar files rather than having different extensions.
  • Added Go LIMITPATH (and Prefs LIMITPATH) arguments, which let a Lister be restricted to one or more paths (and any folders under those paths).
    • Go LIMITPATH=current restricts the Lister to all the paths currently shown in all tabs.
    • Go LIMITPATH=reset removes path restrictions for the current Lister.
    • Path restrictions are saved in Lister Layouts (and the Default Lister).
    • New Listers opened from an existing Lister will inherit its path restrictions by default (unless the LIMITPATH argument is used to override).
  • The advanced wordbreak_char_names and wordbreak_char_paths settings now have default values that include the typical punctuation characters. Previously, edit controls using these settings considered a very minimal set of word-break characters, unless you manually configured additional ones, which was a slight regression from Windows defaults. (If you edited either setting in the past, you may need to reset it now to get the new defaults. If you liked things how they were, set both settings to an empty string.)
  • The advanced wordbreak_char_names setting is now used by more dialogs which prompt for a file name, including Clipboard PASTE AS=ask.
  • If FAYT and Filter Bar Keys has Filter Bar as the default mode, typing to open the filter bar and then pushing Esc will now reset the filter back to what it was before you started typing, rather than to the first character typed.
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails in tooltips showing the wrong size for videos and some other file types, if the tooltip specified a different thumbnail size to the file display.
  • Fixed a potential deadlock if Set VIEWERCMD=delete was followed in a button by another Set VIEWERCMD command, and a script was installed that processed viewer events.
  • Fix for calling IColumnProvider::GetItemData with pwszExt set to the file name instead of just the extension. (Thanks to the Tracker Software / PDF-XChange team for reporting this!)
  • Fixed viewer pane splitter being thinner than other splitters in high DPI.
  • Fixed problem with script dialog static controls not respecting their background color if text alignment is set to anything other than top.
  • Script dialog group controls now render correctly if you set their titles to an empty string.
  • Script Control object's label property can now also be accessed via the alternative title name, since both terms are used in different places.
  • Fixed F1 help not displaying if two script add-ins added custom documentation.
  • Script help pages can now be larger than 32413 bytes.