16 May 2008

New, faster JPEG 2000 plugin

A JPEG 2000 plugin based on J2K-Codec is now available.

The new plugin improves on the old JP2Raw plugin's JPEG 2000 handling in several ways:

  • Much faster at viewing files.
  • Much, much faster at generating thumbnails.
  • Support for x64 (64-bit Windows).
  • Support for alpha channels (transparency).
  • Support for less common .J2C & .J2K code-stream data files.
  • Support for Unicode filepaths.
  • Support for Opus's USB-Mode.
  • Doesn't call abort() on decode errors. (An aspect of JasPer which I dislike even more than its speed.)
The new plugin continues support for:
  • 8bpp images.
  • 16bpp images.
  • Color (RGB) images.
  • Greyscale images.
  • .JP2 format files.
The older JP2Raw plugin is still needed for other image formats so don't delete it yet. In time the entire JP2Raw plugin will be replaced by several better standalone plugins; this new JPEG 2000 plugin is the first such replacement.

For download links and more information, go to the plugin's web page: