11 June 2009

Directory Opus version

Directory Opus version – June 11th 2009

A free update for all Directory Opus 9 users is now available for download from GP Software.

Bugs fixed / minor changes:

  • Bold/italic styles defined through the Folder Colors system are now properly accounted for when initially auto-sizing columns after a folder is read.
  • Fixed incorrect/inconsistent handling of {file|noext} and similar command sequences with folders and files with no extensions.
  • The Image CONVERT command now automatically sets the 'Output to destination' option when running in interactive mode if the TO argument is given on the command line. This makes it reliable when used in the Drag & Drop menu for a file type.
  • The Send To menu displayed in Opus now respects the NoDrivesInSendToMenu system policy and will not display removable disks if this is set.
  • Lister Layouts now save and restore the state of the Lister Format Lock.
  • GifAnim plugin: Fix for incorrect dimensions in the status bar when changing from one tiled/flattened GIF to another.
  • Fixed layout issue introduced in last version with Utility pane open in conjunction with a vertical toolbar between dual file displays.
  • Fixed problem of startup folder shortcut being left behind after uninstall.
  • Fixed file change notification issue with short, Unicode filenames (could occasionally result in duplicate file entry).
  • Fixed auto-size column option when switching between two formats that only change the 'hide file extensions' setting.
  • The FAYT field will no longer auto-close if its context menu is visible.
  • PCX images can now be viewed from ZIP files.
  • Fix for ActiveX plugin not viewing files within archives and FTP sites.
  • Added switch parameter to Close SYSTEM command to initiate fast-user switching. Note that this option does not support the scheduling or prompting that the Close SYSTEM command normally offers.
  • Fixed a problem where drag & drop from Opus to the desktop would always copy the file rather than moving when appropriate. Also improved drag & drop from ZIP/FTP – moving via drag & drop now really moves the file rather than copying it.
  • Fixed incorrect bitrate shown for WAV files. Also, a duration is now shown for WAV files.
  • Fix for broken Rename Scripting in Vista SP2 x64 version.
  • Raw Digital Camera plugin:
    • Added several new file extensions to the defaults (e.g. .PEF).
    • Fix for multi-threaded thumbnails not always working.
    • Fix for having to restart Opus for changes to the list of raw extensions to take effect.