1 June 2009

Directory Opus Beta Versions

Beta versions provide access to new Directory Opus updates ahead of their general release. This allows you to try new features and bug-fixes before they have been fully tested.

Like any other update, beta versions can be used by anyone with a valid licence for the same major version of Opus (e.g. "Directory Opus 10"). This includes evaluation licences.

(In the past, beta versions were released via the members-only Opus Illuminati forum at the Resource Centre. These days, anyone can download them.)

News of beta versions will be posted here, at the blog, using the "beta updates" tag. They won't be tagged as "main program updates", so if you want to filter them out you can.

Opus's built-in Update Checker will only prompt you to install non-beta updates. If you want to keep on top of new beta versions you should subscribe to the blog's RSS feed or keep an eye on the forum's News & Announcements area. In Directory Opus 10, you can also see a list of recent blog posts by manually opening the Update Checker via the Help menu.