9 June 2011

Directory Opus version (Beta)

This is an Opus Beta release only. If you aren't comfortable running the very latest version of Opus then you may like to wait for the next stable/public release.

Directory Opus is available now for all Opus 10 users:

This is a preliminary, beta release. It fixes a number of issues reported since the release of Directory Opus 10:
  • Note: The 'don't sort new files' option has been moved from the Advanced options page back to File Operations / Options
  • Adding or modifying a wildcard label assignment in File and Folder Colors now properly refreshes the folder tree
  • Fixed a case where if you deleted your current folder and were moved back to the parent, the parent folder would remain in the history list (so clicking Back then took you nowhere)
  • Made some changes to NavLock where it will try to get itself back in sync automatically in some cases
  • Rename Script output no longer appears in the FTP 'All Activity' log
  • Added Locate in Google Earth as a default command on the Images filetype group context menu.
    Also made it so Image LOCATE buttons are hidden if GE is not installed.
  • Fixed crash in Customize when clearing the hotkey from a floating toolbar button via the Keys page
  • "Toolbar POS=mouse" was broken.
  • If Windows Search is not installed on Windows XP, Opus now reports this when trying to perform a search
  • If New -> xxx (folder etc) is used and filters are in force that would normally hide the new item, it is now shown so the inline rename can proceed. If the item doesn't match the filter after the inline rename is finished, it will be hidden.
  • Fixed problem where the 'Undo All Changes' toolbar context menu could leave orphaned/cloned location/search fields on toolbar
  • Viewer Panel now remembers when Zoom Size was set to Grow to Page last time it was used
  • Fixed redraw problem when collapsing tree item containing current selection (forum thread)
  • Lister layouts now restore their windows in a fixed order, ensuring consistent window order on the taskbar each time the same layout is opened.
  • When the destination is a writeable CD, {destpath} will usually map to the CD-burning temp folder. You can now add @nolocalizefiles to the command to prevent this and have {destpath} map to the CD itself, for the rare situations where you need that (e.g. when opening a new window for the current folders).
  • Fixed scrolling the utility pane along one axis resetting the scroll position of the other axis.
  • Fixed potential crash in File Collections when fields like Description were enabled
  • Using Copy To / Move To in the standalone Viewer no longer causes focus to be lost (breaking keyboard input)
  • Fixed problem where tree item would lose its expand/collapse box when it only has temporary items below it
  • Fixed problem where refresh when in archive would boot you to the parent folder if archives not normally shown in tree
  • Tree now respects label colors for drive-letter roots.
  • Zip SFX was checking for wrong size maximum zip file
  • Zip folder format was not applied for archives within libraries.
  • Search results collections (from Windows Search) are now shown properly in the tree if the tree doesn't start from the Desktop
  • Now respects the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\link value to disable the "- Shortcut" suffix on new shortcuts
  • The option for "User Profile folder" in the tree now works under Vista as well as Win7
  • Fixed potential crash when accessing NFS shares via drive buttons
  • "Go TABGROUPLIST=icons" was generating buttons with the wrong icon names, resulting in smiley-face placeholder icons instead of tab icons (unless you still had an old icon-set installed).
  • Fixed (Win)RAR progress dialog showing bogus byte-counts that were really percentages ("50 bytes / 100 bytes")
  • Fixed crash from image metadata when GPS tags stored in XMP format
  • Fixed problems creating 7z(etc.) archives due to an error introduced in
  • Thumbnail size would go to minimum if you used a command like "Show THUMBNAILSIZE +32" to adjust the size relative to its current value in a lister where the size had not been adjusted before.
  • Viewer now updates its window position properly if you move it, then switch it to full-screen and then close it.
    - Before it would not update its saved position at all if closed while full-screen.
    - Now it remembers the position it would have used had it been toggled out of full-screen mode.
    - This way, if you move the viewer to another monitor and full-screen it, it will open on that monitor the next time; you don't have to exit full-screen first to save the change.
    - Note: This does not mean the viewer will be full-screen next time you open it; that's still a separate option in Prefs. Just means your non-full-screen size/placement changes are not ignored if you happen to close it when it's full-screen.
  • Fixed checkbox positioning in Power/Details modes when icons were turned off.
  • Fixed checkbox positioning in List and Small Icon modes, especially with themed items.
  • Fixed List-mode checkboxes not painting properly (e.g. when toggled) when themed items were disabled.