6 June 2011

XP-style icons for Directory Opus 10

Cris van Minnen, who made Opus 10's default Vista/Win7-style toolbar icons, has released an alternative version of his icons in the Windows XP style.

This is a drop-in replacement for all 500 standard icons; 250 icons in large (32x32) and small (22x22). Your toolbars will automatically use the icons after installing them.

(Opus 10 also shipped with an updated version of the XP-style icons Trevor Morris originally made for Opus 9, so people who want XP-style icons are now spoiled for choice.)

You can see some of the small (22x22) icons below. For a preview of all the images, and to download the set, see Cris's post at the Resource Centre.

To install the set, download the zip file and extract the .dis file from inside it, then go to Preferences / Toolbars / Icons in Opus, click the Import button (shown below) and choose the .dis file. Then move it to the top of the list, so it takes priority over the other icon-sets you have installed.

Note that each additional icon-set will slightly increase start time and memory usage. If you decide not to use a set after installing it then you can delete it via the Preferences window shown above. (The default set is built into the program and cannot be deleted.)