16 December 2011

Directory Opus version (Beta)

This is a beta version. If you aren't comfortable running the very latest version of Opus then you may like to wait for the next stable release.

Directory Opus is available now for all Opus 10 users.

Directory Opus x86 (32 bit)
Directory Opus x64 (64 bit)

Directory Opus Deutsch x86 (32 bit)
Directory Opus Deutsch x64 (64 bit)

This is a preliminary, beta release. It fixes a number of issues reported since the release of Directory Opus 10.

New features and minor changes:

  • The Preferences filter is now cleared if you click your mouse/keyboard's Back button to go back to a page which is currently hidden by your filter. (Previously, the page would be shown while the tree was left with some other page selected.)
  • After the first time you apply a Preferences filter, you no longer have to click Back twice to go back to the previous page if applying the filter did not cause the page to be changed.
  • Archive extensions handled by plugins are automatically removed from the list of Zip extensions, both at startup and when applying Prefs. (Avoids problems if people mistakenly add .RAR to the list of Zip extensions, or confusion over which handler is being used for .ZipX.)
  • During shutdown, the config file listing your active toolbars is only saved if it's different to what's already on disk.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problems with dummy folders appearing in the tree underneath Libraries.
  • The help window is no longer obscured by the Preferences or Customize windows if they are set to "on top of Opus" mode.
  • Fixed problem with the Location field showing internal library paths for library items added to collections.
  • Internal library paths are now resolved to their real filesystem paths before being passed to rename scripts.
  • Pressing F1 to display file/EXIF information in the viewer now works for plugin-supplied images like RAW.
  • Fixed problem where expanding a folder tree branch in a library could trigger a password prompt if the folder contained any password-protected archives.
  • Fixed newly/recently created items being auto-selected after creating a new folder, if "Automatically select newly copied files" was on.
  • After cropping or restoring an image in the viewer, the image dimensions displayed in the status bar is now updated.
  • Previously, if you did a crop, rotate, undo and reset-rotation then the image would end up rotated from what it was originally.
  • If the viewer was set to fit-to-page or grow-to-page and you cropped an image and then zoomed in or out, the new zoom size was miscalculated (although only for that first jump).