14 September 2012

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

New features and minor changes:
  • When using inline rename on a file, you can use Ctrl-Backspace and Ctrl-Del to delete the previous and next words, respectively. This behaviour has also been extended to most other edit fields.
  • Added FROMCLIPBOARD/S argument to the FileType command. This lets you make multiple new files at once using filenames that are on the clipboard (i.e. filenames put on the clipboard via the Clipboard COPYNAMES command).
  • When using the Filter Bar, if you explicitly add a * at the start or end of the pattern then Opus now assumes you do not wish to use partial matching even if it is turned on in Preferences. This allows you the convenience of partial matching most of the time while still being able to filter by the start or end of things when you need to.
  • Date and size fields now reverse sort by default:
    • For example, when clicking the Date Modified column to sort by that field, the first click will put the most recent files at the top rather than the bottom.
    • Changes have also been made to sort empty values to the bottom of the list when reverse-sorting Date and Time columns.
    • Folder formats from older versions, which sort by date/size fields that now reverse-sort by default, will be adjusted so that they put newest/largest files at the top of the list. This should ensure the affected formats do what is desired in most situations, both for people who still had the default sorting and for people who had manually turned on reverse sorting for those columns.
    • In cases where you want the oldest/smallest files at the top for certain folders, you will need to flip the sort order and re-save those formats (or the layouts, folder tabs, etc. which they are part of) as a one-off change.
  • In the Rename dialog, the last column of the Preview list now auto-sizes as the window is resized to avoid an unnecessary scrollbar when reducing the window's width.
Bug fixes:
  • When deleting to the Recycle Bin, a delete confirmation would only be shown if delete confirmations were turned on for both Opus itself and for the system Recycle Bin. Now, only the Opus setting matters and the system setting is ignored. This is important since Windows 8 has delete confirmations turned off by default. If you now see confirmations before recycling files that you don't want, you can turn them off via Preferences / File Operations / Deleting Files / Ask for confirmation before commencing delete.
  • Go OPENCONTAINER now works when you specify the path on the command line. Previously it only worked when run against selected files/folders.
  • Monochrome, high-DPI TIFF images are no longer scaled down to the screen's DPI. Instead they are displayed and scaled the same as any other image. (Forcing them to be scaled down made some such images difficult to read and is not what other TIFF viewers seem to do.)
  • It's now possible to drop folder shortcuts on the Find panel's Find In list to add those shortcuts to the list.
  • Fixed problem where thumbnail would not show for an MP3 even though the metapane could show it (involved the file having a corrupt cover art image listed before one that was valid).
  • Fixed various problems to do with sorting:
    • The sort arrow is now reversed for columns whose default sort order is reversed. (So the arrow is always consistent with the real sort direction, and the reverse option just lets you change which way around things sort the first time you click on the column header.)
    • When setting a Lister to sort by multiple columns, the way the Reverse Sort and sort arrows work is now more intuitive.
    • If file list is sorted by 'Size on Disk' column it is now resorted automatically after running the GetSizes command (previously the sorting wouldn't be updated and would remain "dirty" until you manually resorted the list).
    • Fixed bugs in how the following columns were sorted:
      • Recorded TV: Episode Name, Credits, Channel Number, Is HD, Is Repeat, Broadcast Date, Recording Time, Station Name.
      • Document: Last Saved Date. (Note: This is an extra datestamp inside Office documents and is unrelated to the standard Modified, Created, Accessed datestamps, which were unaffected.)
      • MP3: Release Date. (Files with dates were sorted consistently, but MP3 files without dates mixed with non-MP3 files in the dir could mean the dated files appeared in the middle of the list, instead of at the top or bottom, and sometimes meant they moved around within the list.)
  • Fixed several problems on the Prefs / Display / Fields Preferences page:
    • Resetting or Restoring the Fields page did not update the checkboxes in the list.
    • Fields which are reverse-sorted are now indicated by an arrow icon in the list. (We had this initially, then it was lost during the conversion to a themed list view.)
    • The checkbox in the list of fields is now updated when the "custom color and font settings enabled" checkbox on the right is toggled (and vice versa, which worked already).
  • In the Rename dialog, if you toggled "rename files in selected sub-folders" twice after generating the full preview, all items in sub-dirs were ghosted in the preview.
  • The Rename dialog left an empty Location column in the preview list after turning off "rename files in selected sub-folders".
  • The Startup shortcut Opus creates automatically (when configured to run on startup) should now localize the word "Startup" on newer versions of Windows.
  • The Startup shortcut now does nothing if Opus has already been launched via some other action. (Before, you'd get an extra Lister opening up.)
  • Adjusted the Licence Manager dialog so it fits on small screens again.
  • Fixed function editor bug, introduced in, where the drop-down Arguments menu would not insert the argument name for a /K or /O argument that was last in the list.
  • Fixed the Advanced Button Editor and Rename Script Editor handling of Ctrl-Backspace and Ctrl-Del when at the very start or end of a word.
  • Fixed text viewer showing garbage for files containing just a UTF8 BOM and no further data, and some related issues.
  • The new label filters should now work properly in List and Thumbnails mode (without having to move the mouse over files to make their labels update), fixing the remaining glitch from the previous beta.
  • Fixed problem where label filters could cause Opus to crash if the Desktop folder was shown while configured to show File Collections as a child item.
  • If you did a Copy-As from a non-zip archive and the new name you gave for a file was already in use, the Replace File dialog opened proposing the file's original name, meaning you had to type the new name again if you wanted to overwrite the file. The prompt now uses the correct name.
  • Added checks to prevent a reported crash when copying text from Adobe software on Windows 8.