24 August 2012

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

New features and minor changes:
  • The {dlgfolder} external control code can now take the "expand" argument to cause specified folder to be automatically expanded (e.g. {dlgfolder||C:\Users|expand}
  • The Go TABCLOSE command can now close tabs in left/right/dest as well as source file displays.
Bug fixes:
  • Label filters did not work properly in the icon modes.
  • In the metapane, the "Release Date" field can now be set for WMA files.
  • The "Type" column now shows the correct name for file types, like .ps1, which have incorrectly registered localized names.
  • Fixed "Go up to ..." tooltip on ".." item - incorrect wrapping for long paths which don't have spaces.
  • In power/details mode, clicking a partially obscured item would give keyboard focus to the item above.
  • Improved the ability of the viewer panel to clear itself when a file it is showing is moved or deleted (prevents "file in use" errors when the file is being viewed by Opus).
  • Workaround for Quick PDF Tools Pro and other context menus which have bugs when asked to add themselves to an empty context menu.
  • Added problematic LibreOffice shell extensions to the blacklist to workaround e.g. crashes caused by the LibreOffice "Pagecount" column in directories containing PDF files.
  • Fixed "Open Containing Folder" from another application not always restoring the existing Opus window if one was already open for the folder but was minimized.
  • Fixed folder tree selection events when applied to collections. e.g. If the tree was configured to run "Go NEWTAB" for the middle mouse button, it did not open the correct folder in a new tab if you middle-clicked on a collection.
  • Fixed extra ".." in the target path when creating relative links to folders. (Was fine for files, and for everything when using absolute paths.)
  • The Print FOLDER AS argument now works correctly when printing to clipboard.
  • Initial cursor position/selection was not respected on inline rename in the icon modes (list, thumbnails, etc.) when cursoring up/down through files.
  • Folder Format wildcards can now use "grp:Archives" and similar expressions to match file type groups.
  • Fixed edits to file/folder labels not always updating the names displayed in the Preferences list until Preferences was OK'd and re-opened.