22 February 2013

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

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64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

The following is a guide to the changes in the Directory Opus beta:

New features / minor changes

  • Added an option to the Copy command's Unattended Errors dialog to export the list of errors (as either text or csv).
  • A new modifier for file and folder codes, escbackslash will escape all backslashes in paths. This is like the old escnl except it escapes all backslashes, not just those before the letter n. e.g. {filepath|escbackslash} turns C:\New\Test.txt into C:\\New\\Test.txt.
  • The Clipboard SET command has a new argument, EXPANDNEWLINES, which allows you to use \n within the clipboard text to insert new lines. Use \\ to insert a literal backslash and use the new escbackslash modifier when inserting paths.
  • The Clipboard ADD SET command has a new argument, NEWLINEIFADDING, which will insert a new line before the new text when adding to existing text on the clipboard. (If there is no existing text then the new line is not inserted.)
  • In inline rename (and other edit controls that have the same behavior), pressing the Home or End keys now takes the file extension into account. For example, if the cursor is to the left of the dot, pressing Shift+End will only select up to the dot rather than to the very end of the text. Pressing the same key a second time will then go to the very end or start. Holding the Control key overrides this behavior and moves to the very start or end immediately.
  • Aliases like /programfilesx86, originally only for 64-bit Windows, are now also defined on 32-bit Windows to make it easier to share configurations between machines.
  • Added Collapse Other Groups command to the context menu for file groups.
  • The Add to Archive dialog now has separate fields for path and archive name, to make it easier to type the name of the archive without the risk of accidentally editing the path. Note that you can still paste a full path into the name field. You can also push Ctrl-Shift-C to copy the full, combined path from both fields at once.
  • Added the Set THUMBNAILRATINGS command to toggle the thumbnail ratings overlays from a command.
  • The effects of the Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Hide hidden files and Hide protected operating system files options no longer overlap. Hide hidden files now only affects things with the H attribute and (this is the change) without the S attribute. Hide protected operating system files only affects things with both the H and S attribute. Previously, if you had both options turned on and then only turned off Hide protected operating system files, nothing would happen.
  • The breadcrumbs location field now defaults to showing or hiding Hidden and System folders using the same rules as the Folder Tree (i.e. based on the settings in Preferences). Previously, it always hid both by default. You can still override these rules using the showhidden and showsystem arguments, as well as the new hidehidden and hidesystem arguments for the opposite overrides.
  • The Go DRIVEBUTTONS command will now generate buttons for MTP devices as well as regular drive letters. If you configure the command to restrict which drives are displayed, the new mtp keyword lets you include MTP devices in the list.
  • The Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Highlight path to selected folder feature now has the option to display the highlight line with smooth rounded corners instead of right-angles. When the Rounded corners option is turned on, another new option - Shadow around active path - becomes available. This option causes a differently colored shadow to be drawn around the main highlight path. The color for the shadow can be set on the Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts page.

Bug fixes

  • Retrying a failed Rename command now correctly restores all settings in the Rename dialog.
  • Fixed problem that could cause a USB removable drive letter to disappear from Computer and the tree after doing things like formatting the drive or checking the drive for errors.
  • Fixed problem with the Recycle Bin icon in the tree, where if the state of the icon changed from empty to full, it would only update the non-selected icon.
  • @keydown directives now work correctly in commands launched via the taskbar jump list and dopusrt.exe /cmd.
  • Fixed crash if you went to the Computer folder with a label filter matching locations via regular expressions.
  • Drag & drop from TortoiseSVN's Modified Files window to Opus now works correctly.
  • Clipboard copy & paste from VMware Workstation to Opus now works correctly.
  • Clipboard copy & paste from SecureFX to Opus now works correctly.
  • The {thumbnail} infotip code would show the wrong icon (a file icon) for folders on MTP devices.
  • The {foldercontents} infotip code would reveal internal filenames below folders on MTP devices.
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a corrupted zip file if you used FileType NEW=.txt to create a new text file in the zip and then renamed it (only happened with some zip files).
  • Copying files to MTP devices did not preserve their timestamps (even if the device supported it, which not all do). Also, newly created folders were given a timestamp in UTC rather than in local time.
  • Fixed viewing fonts in the viewer pane, where only the first selected font would load until the viewer was closed and re-opened.
  • Adding a file via a softlink to a zip archive would store the target file uncompressed.
  • When adding a folder to a zip file, Opus will no longer prompt to replace an existing folder if WHENEXISTS=replace or WHENEXISTS=skip was specified for the Copy command.
  • Added handling for Samba weirdness when copying files (attempting to read past the end of a file was treated as an error and would cause silent failure of the Copy command).
  • Hot tracking in the folder tree now works again when set to lines/no lines.
  • The Send To menu now supports holding the Shift key for move and Alt key for shortcut when sending items to folders. (This is what Explorer does - who knew?)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version where a dummy folder entry was sometimes created within a zip file when adding files to it. (This caused some software to report the zip as corrupted, although most software didn't mind.).
  • More USB export improvements:
    • Disabled sound files are no longer considered for USB export.
    • When the same sound file is used by multiple events, it is now only copied to the USB drive once.
    • Sound and image files stored outside the /dopusdata/Sounds and /dopusdata/Images directories (or their /dopusglobaldata equivalents) are no longer considered for USB export. Previously, they would be exported but then not found by Opus when you ran it, so it was simply a waste of space. If you want sounds or images to be included in the export, copy them to the appropriate configuration directories.
  • Go TABGROUPSAVE "!both,Custom" now works to let you save both sides' folder tabs to a named group without prompting.