1 March 2013

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

32-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字
64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

The following is a guide to the changes in the Directory Opus beta:

New features / minor changes

  • Added the Go INITIALDIR command. This can be used to return a tab to the very first folder it read.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rendering issue with checkbox mode when visual styles are disabled. In non-details/power mode, the checkbox would be rendered at the wrong size if the Set FONTSCALE command had been used.
  • Fixed error with path completion where typing C:\ and then pressing cursor up/down would enumerate the current folder (i.e. the folder Opus was running from) rather than the C:\ drive.
  • The folder browser dialog (e.g. the dialog triggered by the {dlgfolder} code) now respects the state of the global Hide hidden folders and Hide protected operating system files options.
  • Setting a lister style to open a tab group in the right-hand file display did not work correctly.
  • Saving tab groups to sub-folders now works via the Go TABGROUPSAVE command. Also, the dialog that appears now has a drop-down tree of existing tab groups to choose from.
  • When a folder is grouped by ISO rating, the groups are now ordered numerically rather than alphabetically. Also fixed an issue with grouping by aperture value (you could end up with multiple groups for seemingly the same value).
  • The Go DRIVEBUTTONS command can now be used to display only MTP devices (i.e. Go DRIVEBUTTONS=mtp).
  • Fixed bug introduced in last beta with Select SOURCETODEST (by default it would only operate on files, not both files and folders).
  • Fixed bug introduced in last beta that broke case sensitive renames (e.g. when the MATCHCASE arg was specified).
  • Fixed logic error that was causing an infinite loop when trying to parse certain malformed xml files.