19 January 2018

Directory Opus 12.7.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.7.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.



  • Added the ability to blur filenames and paths in the Lister, in order to take screenshots without revealing potentially sensitive information. The default Help menu has a new Secure Screenshot command in it which lets you take a secure screenshot of the current Lister or the whole desktop (with all Listers blurred).

    Note that at the moment there is no blurring in secondary windows (progress indicators, error dialogs) or in dropdown menus (favorites, breadcrumbs path, etc).

    The Clipboard SCREENSHOT command can take a screenshot of either the current Lister or the whole desktop, with or without blurring of filenames. By default the screenshot is placed in the clipboard, but it can optionally be saved to the desktop automatically. The command can also display an optional countdown timer for taking more complicated screenshots.
  • The Set BLURFILENAMES command can be used to manually turn blurring on and off in the current Lister, if you want to use an external screenshot tool.
  • Added basic support for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux):
    • Added CLI DOSPROMPT=wsl command to open a linux shell (assuming WSL is installed in Windows 10).
    • The Clipboard COPYNAMES command has a new wsl argument that copies filenames in WSL (Linux) format, e.g. instead of C:\Test it would copy /mnt/c/test.
    • The /mnt/ format is also understood by path fields, etc (anywhere aliases work).
    • Added a new WSL Command mode to the FAYT; this lets you run linux commands (providing WSL is installed under Windows 10) from the FAYT like you can already run DOS commands. By default the activation key is | (vertical bar).

  • Added Clipboard COPYNAMES quote keyword, to force copied pathnames to be quoted whether they contain spaces or not.
  • The metadata panel can now be used to set the Lens Type EXIF field.
  • Added .mkv to the default list of extensions viewed via Generic ActiveX. This should mean that if the Opus Movie plugin cannot view an MKV then Opus will fall back on the Windows Media Player ActiveX control, which can view them with newer versions of Windows.
  • The metadata panel now notices and updates external changes to the metadata of files it's currently showing in more cases (e.g. if the file is modified externally using a "safe save" technique the panel should now notice).

  • Made changes to the file notification system to improve performance when copying files across a network.
  • The dialog confirming that a copy operation has been queued now has a checkbox on it letting you disable all further confirmations (as well as the existing checkbox which disables them for the current queue only).
  • Opus's Select Folder dialog now has a drop-down providing quick access to any paths currently open in a Lister or tab.

  • Added a workaround to try to prevent TeamViewer from locking up Opus when using the Image Convert function. Opus now also tries to detect TeamViewer and add itself to the exclusion list for TeamViewer's QuickConnect feature, since it seems to cause nothing but problems (for lots of software, not just Opus).

  • Added support for checkboxes to listviews in script dialogs.
    • The listview control can have checkboxes set to Automatic or Manual (as well as Off).
    • In Automatic mode, the state is changed automatically when user clicks the checkbox. In Manual mode, you're notified of the click but must change the state yourself.
    • The Msg object has a new event checked that indicates that the checkbox was clicked.
    • The Msg object has a new checked property that indicates the old check state (for Manual mode) or new check state (for Automatic mode).
    • The DialogListItem object has a new checked property that lets you get or set the check state for an item.
    • Check states are: 0 (unchecked), 1 (checked), 2 (indeterminate), 3 (unchecked/disabled), 4 (checked/disabled), 5 (indeterminate/disabled)

  • Added Blob.Find script method (Blob.Find(<data>, [<start>, [<length>]])).
  • Fixed incompatibility with TumaSoft's PresetViewer Argus in the Opus viewer pane (for viewing Photoshop brushes, shapes, and so on).
  • Fixed a crash in the script dialog editor with a particular combination of control modifications.

  • Fixed a problem where modifying a 7zip archive that was open in the file display could cause the Lister to jump to the parent folder.
  • Fix for submitted crash dump involving Flickr Sync.
  • The tooltips for Go commands which use explicit paths can now use %1 to insert the path into the tooltip string.
  • Fixed the folder tree showing the same library twice when the library was the Lister's default path and libraries were configured to appear under the Desktop branch.
  • Fixed grouping by Label or Status Icon putting each file into its own group in the previous version.
  • The maximum length of the string that can be entered into a {dlgstring} dialog has been increased to 2048 characters.
  • Fixed email address field from appending a backslash after using completion or pushing End twice.
  • Path-completion controls in various dialogs will no longer submit the dialog if you push return while the completion drop-down is open. They now select the chosen path, close the drop-down, and give focus to the edit control. You can then use tab to move to other controls, or push return a second time to submit the dialog.