12 February 2018

Directory Opus 12.7.2 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.7.2 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.



  • WebP images can now be displayed in the viewer, preview pane, thumbnails. The image converter can convert from WebP to other formats (but not the other way around). Alpha channel transparency is supported. Metadata, tiled images (over 16kx16k) and animated images are not currently supported.
  • The advanced command editor now allows commands to be set as WSL Script functions; similar to DOS Batch mode, this runs the command as a WSL (Bash) script. Note that WSL needs to be installed from the Windows Store.
  • Enabled several columns for movie files that previously only worked for music files (even though the metadata panel could show them for movies). The columns are Year, Genre, Title, Artist, Encoded By, Initial Key, Composers, Conductor, and Producers. Also added Directors column since that was missing altogether.
  • The Preferences / File Displays / Border page now lets more than one toolbar to be selected for the file display border.

  • Under Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance, the maximum allowed button spacing values now scale with DPI. (The values themselves already scaled when you moved between machines or DPIs, but the maximum the UI let you enter was always 10 pixels until now.)
  • The vertical button spacing option in Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance can now be applied to individual buttons on vertical toolbars or items in pop-up menus via two new options on the same page.

  • Added Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options / Click selected tab option which lets you control what happens when you click the already active folder tab.

  • A new Extra Line Padding option in Preferences / File Display Modes / Details and Power which complements their older Extra Line Spacing option. (See Line spacing vs padding for example screenshots.) Padding makes each line taller, adding extra space inside the clickable area, similar to using a taller font. Padding is scaled with DPI. (On the other hand, spacing increases the gap between items and is outside the clickable area. With large spacing you get gaps between items which act like the lister background when clicked. Spacing is not DPI scaled as you will probably only want exactly 0 or 1 pixel of it: You can set spacing to 1 pixel to prevent the overlap of selection boxes on newer versions of Windows which causes a thin line between selected items. For everything else, you probably want to use the new padding option.)

  • Improved the interaction between grid lines and extra line spacing in Details and Power modes. If you notice any glitches in how the grids and backgrounds behind/between files are painted, please report them.

  • Added Preferences option Folders / Folder Behaviour / Ignore junctions and softlinks when calculating folder sizes. Also added the GetSizes IGNOREJUNCTIONS argument for to override the option setting.

  • Added new Preferences option Folder Tabs / Options / Process file changes in background tabs. When this is turned off (the default is on), tabs that aren't visible will no longer process file change notifications. Instead they'll be flagged as dirty, and automatically refreshed when you switch to that tab.
  • Added Viewer.AddFile and Viewer.RemoveFile script methods to modify the list of viewed pictures in an existing viewer.

  • Added Recent command COPY argument which lets generated recent list buttons copy (or move) selected files to recent folders automatically. The KEYARGS argument also supports the use of the Copy command in this context.

  • Updated 7z.dll to version 18.01 to address two potential security issues ( https://landave.io/2018/01/7-zip-multiple-memory-corruptions-via-rar-and-zip/ ). Note that we don't think either would affect Opus in its default configuration, but they could be a problem if you switch Opus from Unrar.dll to 7z.dll for RAR files, or if you turn on the ZipX archive type via Preferences.
  • Changed the way the new screen shot function (introduced in 12.7.1) works to avoid conflict with third-party screen shot tools.
  • Fixed possible crash in new filename blurring feature.
  • Added a workaround to prevent corrupted files when dragging and dropping from UltraISO to an Opus window.

  • Fixed an error which could leave large (> 2 GB) image files locked after trying to extract metadata from them.

  • Fixed incorrect size/positioning of folder thumbnails using a single image (folder.jpg) and a non-square thumbnail size set via Show THUMBNAILSIZE.

  • In Preferences, DPI scaling is now applied to the maximum size you can set marked image thumbnails within the viewer.

  • Fixed height of marked image thumbnails in the viewer if the thumbnail size was not configured to be square.

  • Fixed file display scrollbars not updating in existing windows when line spacing was changed in Preferences.

  • Fixed a bug which meant a file's ADS streams may not have been preserved when converting an image in place with the Image CONVERT command.

  • The Image CONVERT command now preserves any XMP metadata embedded in the image file (previously only EXIF data was preserved). For example, in PNG files tags are stored in an XMP tag and previously weren't preserved.

  • Fixed some very minor DPI issues with the search field (top right of default toolbars, and bottom left of Preferences dialog).

  • Fix for separators in the Layouts list appearing in the wrong place within the Desktop context menu, if you had more than one separator.

  • Fixed a situation where the viewer failed to display Office documents if they were currently open in Microsoft Office.

  • Workaround for Microsoft Word documents sometimes appearing clipped in the viewer with newer versions of Microsoft Office.

  • Removed OpenOffice and Adobe Flash extensions from the list which Opus will attempt to view via Internet Explorer by default, since these days they are more likely to cause a Save As dialog to appear than to result in a working viewer via IE. If you were still relying on IE plugins for any of those formats, you can add their extensions back via Preferences.

  • Microsoft Office and other preview handlers are now cached by the viewer pane so that viewing one document and then another will be faster.

  • Fixed problem where the rename Automatically number files when names clash option could get confused if the original name ended in a number followed by a ) character (e.g. ABC (2018-02-06) ).

  • Tidied up the way accelerator keys are assigned in the Rename dialog. (e.g. Previously, if you opened the dialog in Find and Replace mode, the Alt+F key for refreshing the script preview would not work.) Some of the keys have changed as a result.
  • When copying files out of non-zip archives (ones handled by the Archives plugin), you can now retry after a disk full error.
  • In scripting, if a file had no tags, the Item.metadata.tags.count property was undefined instead of reporting 0.

  • Fixed issue which could cause an infinite loop when performing certain rename operations recursively.
  • Fixed an issue when running the Clipboard PASTE command from a script that could cause it to incorrectly paste to the destination file display instead of the source.

  • Fixed problem removing all tags from a PDF file that had no other metadata.