6 January 2020

Directory Opus 12.19

Directory Opus 12.19 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.

New versions are often made available several days before they will be detected by the update checker. You can download Opus using the links below if you don't want to wait.


The following changes were part of the 12.18.1 - 12.18.4 beta updates:

  • Added a command to delete the current folder's format without showing any UI. Also made it possible to change the view mode and save a new format for the current folder in a single command. See https://resource.dopus.com/t/view-thumbnail-and-save-folder-format/34059/4 for examples.
  • Added cloud_sync_paths option to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced. Lets you specify folders that will be treated as cloud sync so that Opus supports status icons etc in them.
  • The breadcrumbs field's dropdown menus now indicate the current path in bold.
  • The PowerShell Here command now works correctly when the path contains square brackets and other wildcard characters.
  • Shortcuts to folders are no longer forced to use the shell's folder thumbnail style if you have configured Opus to use its own.
  • Added workaround for Windows bug which meant Listers did not resize properly if you used Shift+Win+Left/Right to move a maximized Lister from a monitor with no taskbar (or docked toolbars/appbars) to a monitor with the taskbar.
  • Fixed Metadata Pane column headings not being wide enough if some or all of the categories were collapsed when the pane opened.
  • Fix for rare crash when opening a Lister or the folder tree.
  • The Select Files simple dialog now allows the wildcard syntax for matching a file type group. e.g. grp:Images.
  • Fixed @hideifpathr:^C:\\ not working correctly.
  • The Creation Date columns are now available for MTP devices (whether they work or not is up to the device, but you can now turn them on).
  • Viewer toolbar now includes a Full Screen button at the top level. (To update your existing toolbar, right-click an empty space on it and choose "Factory Reset this Toolbar".)
  • The Mixed DPI Mitigations setting, added in 12.18 but off by default, now has an "automatic" mode, which is the new default. In this mode, the mitigations are turned on when a mixed DPI system is detected, and turned off otherwise. The setting is also now hidden on older versions of Windows which don't support mixed DPI.
  • The advanced slow_dblclk_rename option now affects Power Mode.
  • Reset focus entry when sorting file list now applies to Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons etc. as well as Details and Power modes.
  • @ifset:METAPANE=off now works.
  • Added support for Ctrl-C on collection items and then Ctrl-V into the Path Field or Create Folder dialog. (This already worked for normal files/folders.)
  • You can now select all files in Flat View and move them to the source folder to flatten everything without having to worry about de-selecting the files which are already directly below the source folder.
  • Fixed a problem with Find where if you ran several finds in quick succession, it could seem like no results were returned.
  • Fixed problem with Libraries in tree, where if a library sub-folder was selected when the tree opened, it would be inserted immediately under the library in the tree rather than in its correct member folder (assuming separate member folders is enabled).
  • Fixed problem which caused function dialogs owned by the Lister (rather than a progress dialog) to be destroyed when the Lister was closed.
  • Fixed crash introduced in 12.18 which could occur if new files were added to the folder while it was grouped and the last group was collapsed.
  • Fix for crash triggered by certain JPEG EXIF data.
  • Added some extra safety around the Lister being closed while a context menu is open. (Should be impossible, but could happen due to 3rd party menu extensions, perhaps.)
  • The folder tree's Favorites branch now shows the special icons for file collections and sub-branches of favorites, instead of generic folder icons. The Favorites list in Preferences now shows any special icons for folders which were added via path aliases or env-vars.
  • The Add to Archive dialog now supports aliases in the path field. Also improved handling of tab key when the path completion drop-down is visible.
  • Possible fix for viewer/thumbnail code getting stuck on particular MP4/MOV files. ( https://resource.dopus.com/t/viewer-couldnt-show-the-video-thumbnail/34002 )
  • The Brands ICT .msg preview handler ( https://www.brandsict.nl/msgpreviewer_en.php ) now works in the viewer pane.
  • Fixed Go FDBBUTTONS choosing the wrong icons in some cases.
  • Commands which generate sub-menus on toolbars now always put the labels of items inside the sub-menu on the right. (Items at the top level still inherit the label position of the button that generates them.) This affects Favorites, FTP Bookmarks, Tab Groups, Layouts, Styles, and Rename Presets. (Other things which generate sub-menus were already like this.)
  • Rename's Regular Expression + Find And Replace mode no longer requires brackets around expressions using the | OR operator.
  • Rename's Regular Expression + Find And Replace mode no longer has problems with more than seven capture groups.