30 March 2020

Attention Windows XP users

With version 12.20 of Directory Opus we have switched to a new installer (InnoSetup), to hopefully solve the many problems people have been having installing Directory Opus upgrades over the past few months.

Unfortunately the new installer no longer supports Windows XP. We have built a final version of the old installer (Installshield) which will allow any Windows XP users to upgrade to 12.20 (assuming the installer doesn't fail of course!) but this will be the last version that we release which will install on Windows XP.

Opus itself will continue to support Windows XP (only the installer won't) so in future if you want to update to later versions you will need to install on a more modern machine, and then copy the program files over to your Windows XP machine manually.

We highly recommend that you upgrade any machines you have that still run Windows XP. Microsoft have not supported it for several years, which means there will be unpatched security bugs that could easily compromise your safety when connected to the Internet.

Download (Windows XP users only):