30 March 2020

Directory Opus 12.20

Directory Opus 12.20 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.

New versions are often made available several days before they will be detected by the update checker. You can download Opus using the links below if you don't want to wait.


The following changes were part of the 12.19.1 - 12.19.6 beta updates:

  • Ctrl+Shift+Up / Down in inline rename to copy the previous/next filename now lets you press up/down multiple times to progressively move up or down the list. Ctrl+Shift+Home returns you to the original name of the file you're renaming.
  • The Release Date column is now supported for video files as well as music files. It now behaves like a normal date field; it shows time as well as date (except for MP3 files) and date/time formatting codes will work with it in Advanced rename.
  • Pinyin input is now supported in the FAYT and filter bar (anywhere standard wildcards are used). By default Pinyin is only enabled when Opus is running in Chinese. Added a new option in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced that lets you override this and turn it on or off irrespective of the current language.
  • Changes to the Go TABLIST command:
    • The nameonly parameter is now namesonly for consistency with Go BACKLIST, FORWARDLIST, HISTORYLIST. (The old name still works to avoid breaking existing toolbars.)
    • When using namesonly, custom tab labels are now left as-is, since they may not be file paths.
    • Fixed ampersand characters in paths/labels being doubled (unless keys was also used).
  • You can now clear the SmartFavorites™ list via Favorites SMART=clear as an alternative to the usual method via the Preferences dialog.
  • The Zip context menu is no longer hidden when the Extract options are turned off (as long as one or more "add" options are turned on).
  • Fixed standalone viewer's status bar text looking bold / double printed (how much depended on ClearType settings).
  • Added .esd to list of default WIM archive extensions. (WIM support is still off by default. Enable it via Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins.)
  • If you created a plugin archive (7z, RAR, etc.) in a destination that required UAC, and had the Secure Desktop turned off, it was possible for the progress dialog to open behind the Lister or on top of the UAC prompt. This should be better now.
  • Fixed Pause being unavailable while creating RAR archives if you updated to WinRAR 5.80.
  • Fixed problem which stopped the slow_dblck_rename Advanced Prefs option from affecting the folder tree if the tree was locked.
  • Fixed crash when connecting to FTP sites with very long welcome messages.
  • If the Find tool only finds files that end up being hidden (because of the folder format in the results tab), the status bar now correctly reflects the hidden file count.
  • If the display of empty disk drives is enabled in the native Computer folder, and a Lister opens showing Computer, empty drives are no longer incorrectly removed from the list shortly afterwards.

  • Added support for dragging GMail attachments from Chrome to Opus.
  • Advanced Find (and filter labels, etc) can now search for image files based on lens make and model.
  • Fixed a problem with the filter bar when it is set as the default; if you activated it by typing a few letters, and then clicked its clear button, it would only accept a single key press afterwards until you clicked on it with the mouse.
  • Improved the way the filter's Movie Data Rate and Bit Rate fields work. Inputs are now converted into kbps (to match the file display column) and the maximum values have been increased as well.
  • Fixed visual artifacts on thumbnail/tiles/icon mode sort header (if turned on) when resizing the splitter between dual file displays.
  • Fixed Navigation Lock not working if you had an OnBeforeFolderChange script installed and loaded a Folder Tab Group with linked, nav-locked tabs.
  • Change processing in background folder tabs (if enabled) will no longer cancel scrolling and lassoing in the active tab.
  • Fix for crash if you selected a MixMeister .MXM file with the viewer pane open.
  • When in coll://, the {sourcepath} code now returns the path as-is instead of coll://\.
  • Fixed an issue where the Run a command fields under Preferences / Launching Opus could be cleared if you searched Preferences, and where unapplied changes to the commands were reverted if you switched to another page and back again.
  • Similar to in File Explorer, file infotip text from the shell is now truncated to 1024 characters to avoid problems caused by a combination of the Windows tooltip control not handling large amounts of text properly and shell extensions that add ridiculous amounts of text to infotips (e.g. dbPowerAmp adding complete song lyrics).
  • The Uncompressed Size column now sorts largest to smallest by default, consistent with the other size columns.
  • Added a kludge to get better OneDrive status reporting (i.e. so the status icons can show when a file is being synced). Currently must be enabled by setting bit 3 of the OneDriveBugMitigation registry variable (and bit 0 must also be set, e.g. set to 0x0000000f to enable all the mitigations + the kludge). See the documentation on the 1903 OneDrive Bug Mitigations for more details.
  • Fixed file display toolbars not repainting properly when the dual file display splitter was dragged.
  • Fixed problem where alt-clicking a file display toolbar button to edit it and changing something like the icon would not be reflected in the same toolbar on the other side of a dual-display Lister.
  • Removed delay before inline rename happens if you ended it by clicking the file display instead of pushing return.
  • Fixed issue where configuration files pointing to a toolbar which did not exist could result in a blank toolbar appearing when other toolbars were changed.
  • Worked around the problem of the sound player not supporting paths longer than 127 chars on Windows 10 (caused by Windows 10 disabling short paths by default).
  • Fixed case-insensitive search for Cyrillic characters not working properly in Find.
  • Improved UAC behavior when trying to move files that are in use (e.g. in situations where UAC won't actually help anyway). Previously you would get a UAC prompt for each file if you cancelled them - now if you cancel the UAC prompt there won't be any others shown for that operation.
  • When moving the mouse from one file to another in the file display to view tooltips, the delay before showing each tooltip is now shorter after the first one.
  • The Edit > Undo List menu now shows proper descriptions for Remove From Collection commands.
  • Undoing a remove file from collection would add the file back with its size showing as 0 bytes.
  • Fixed problem with folder tab groups Preferences; if you renamed a group and then moved or deleted it, and clicked OK, when you went back into Preferences you'd find the original group still there.
  • Fixed problem with status icon column not auto-sizing properly in some situations.
  • The Open New Tab command from the folder tab context menu now does the same thing as clicking the + button (i.e. whatever is configured in Preferences for that button), rather than opening a blank tab.
  • Fixed progress dialogs appearing while an initial confirmation dialog was still open in some cases.
  • The command Delete * REMOVECOLLECTION now works properly to remove all files from a collection (previously it would try to delete the real files).
  • Fixed problem with the option to auto-expand This PC in the folder tree causing the folder tree to scroll down unnecessarily.
  • The CLI window in command (non-scripting) mode will now run commands against the Lister which launched the CLI, as long as it still exists. If it is closed, the CLI will now look for another window, including dual-display windows which were sometimes ignored previously.
  • When saving a configuration backup, the "last open Listers" are now updated first, based on what's currently open. (Those Listers are usually opened when restoring a backup, but were previously only saved when Opus was restarted. The result was that you could restore a configuration and get back Listers you had already closed.)
  • @disableifpath in buttons and ifpath in status bars now let you compare against aliases to virtual folders which do not have any real directory behind them (e.g. /mycomputer).
  • Fixed problem with breadcrumbs fields showing "22" for an FTP site instead of e.g. "ftp.blah.com:22".
  • The DialogListItem.subitems property now works to assign/query sub-items via a reference to the property directly (e.g. var subs = list.GetItemAt(0).subitems; subs(0) = "blah";)
  • In the rename dialog {name|noext} now gives you the original filename minus the file extension.
  • The Owner column now works in Libraries.
  • When opening a tab group, the folder format of each tab now derives from the Folder Formats sections in Preferences, with any enabled sections of the tab's saved format overlaid on the top. Previously the tab's saved format would be overlaid only on the default format, ignoring any other formats that would normally apply to that folder.
  • If a text viewer is specified on the Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files page, and a file on an ftp site without a known file extension is double-clicked, the "auto upload changed files" function now works.
  • The Path.FilePart script method did not return a correct value when given only a filename with no path

The following changes are new to 12.20:

  • Fixed copy queue buttons looking incorrect at 125% DPI scaling.

  • When thumbnails have rating stars overlaid, the stars are no longer drawn higher up if the filename is wrapped to multiple lines.
  • The bars drawn by Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Overlay relative dimension bars now scale their thickness for high DPI.