31 August 2011

Opus 10 manual re-write complete and online

The new manual for Directory Opus 10 is now finished.

The old documentation has been completely re-written for clarity and completeness. Screenshots are used extensively and, particularly in the sections about internal commands, many more examples are provided. This should be a great benefit to old and new users alike.

If you're wondering why the help-file and installer have grown in size recently, it's all the screenshots included in the documentation!

The new manual is in a format which makes it very easy for the team to make changes. So, if you find anything missing or unclear, or even just a typo, let us know and we'll fix it.

  • You can read a web version of the manual now.

    Note: If you have read the web version before, you may need to clear your browser's cache. I found that the table of contents (left panel) would not refresh until I did so.

  • You can now download a PDF version, for printing. See the next post.

  • The forthcoming Opus update will have the new manual built-in and available via the Help menu (or F1 hotkey).

  • (The beta update released a couple of days ago included an almost-complete version of the new manual.)