1 March 2024

Directory Opus 13.3.2 (Beta)

Directory Opus 13.3.2 is now available.

Download (or use Help > Check for Program Updates in the program):

New in 13.3.2:

  • Added Including network drives option underneath Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Use configured file display colors for tree items. Lets labels be enabled generally in the tree but disabled for network locations.

  • Added stay argument to Close SYSTEM command. Commands like Close SYSTEM=sleep,stay can make Windows sleep or hibernate without shutting down Opus at the same time.

  • Added Go EXPANDBRANCH=script argument. Lets the Go EXPANDBRANCH command be run from a script Command object and operate on the folders in the object rather than the current selection.

  • Added @sendkey command modifier and DOpus.SendKey script method, both can inject a keypress into the system. E.g. @sendkey:win+v

  • The recently-added Control.case property has been renamed to charcase to avoid confusing the jscript parser.

  • Added *Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: [Limits] suggestion_popup_lines*, lets you control how many lines high suggestion popups are.

  • Fixed "Reverse index column" option starting the count at 0 if the .. to go up entry was turned off.

  • Fixed range selection with reverse index column.

  • Fixed About dialog layout above 200% scaling.

  • The config_backup_name option in *Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced* now requires that date and time codes are enclosed in {} brackets to disambiguate them from any text which might come after them. So e.g. the default is now %USERNAME% - %HEADER% - {D#yyyy-MM-dd} {T#HH-mm}.

  • Fixed FAYT command suggestion popup not showing descriptions for script commands.

  • If you assigned a key to a FAYT quick key and then set it as the default mode, Opus would still treat it as having the original key assigned in some cases.

  • The menu items Opus adds to the Lister's window menu now have their accelerators chosen so as not to conflict with the standard system commands.

  • Fixed "Found a bug in FAYT command" (FAYT Command as default mode, then push up or down for history.)

  • Duplicating a tab that is grouped now respects the "Automatically add group column" option and adds the group column in the new tab. (More generally, duplicating a tab now duplicates the original tab's format).

  • Fixed variables that are supplied to evaluator code from confusing the ternary operator in some cases.

  • Dynamically-generated buttons (e.g. drive buttons) are now hidden inside @hideblock.

  • Fixed Preferences search control not working properly with IMEs (e.g. Chinese, Japanese).

  • If the lister titlebar Preferences OK/Cancel buttons are used while the Prefs dialog has a modal child open, the child dialog is now brought to the front instead of closing the parent (which resulted in Preferences being inaccessible until Opus was restarted). Similar also for Customize.

  • Dragging a folder on to its own folder tab now does nothing. In particular, if "treat tab label as folder when dragged" is on, you'll no longer create a shortcut to the folder inside itself if you accidentally move the mouse while clicking a tab (which would drag the tab on to itself).

  • Compatibility fix for PeaZip context menu creating archives with the wrong name, and inside the selected folder instead of its parent.

  • Made a change to pattern matching to try to improve compatibility with Opus 12. With standard wildcards, ~ at the beginning of a pattern (when it's not followed by a bracket) now means "negate the whole pattern". E.g. ~2022 will match anything other than "2022".

  • Also improved the "any word" mode in conjunction with wildcards - it no longer always behaves as if partial matching was turned on, but instead respects the state of the "partial match" flag.

  • Improved "any word" pattern matching logic when mixing words with +/- and words without.