8 March 2024

Directory Opus 13.3.6 (Beta)

Directory Opus 13.3.6 is now available.

Download (or use Help > Check for Program Updates in the program):

New in 13.3.6:

  • The Create Folder dialog (in "create multiple folders" mode) can now automatically create numbered folders using an insert code.

    • The full format is `<a-b+c>`, which will insert numbers from a through to b, incrementing by c each time.

    • a can include zero padding - e.g. `<001-100>` would create folders 001, 002, 003, ..., 100.

    • The -b and +c are optional.

    • If -b is not given, the first number is taken as the top of the range and the bottom defaults to one - so to quickly create 10 numbered folders, simply use `<10>`.

    • If +c is not given the default increment value is 1.

  • When saving PNG images the level of compression can now be configured.

    • 6 different quality settings are available (ranging from "no compression" through to "best"). Note that unlike JPG, PNG is always lossless so the setting doesn't affect the final quality of the resulting image - instead it affects how long the compression process takes and how large the output file is.

    • In the Image Conversion dialog, when PNG is selected as the output format, a dropdown replaces the quality input field.

    • In the Clipboard Paste AS dialog, a dropdown also replaces the quality input field when PNG is selected

    • A new Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / clipboard_image_paste_quality setting lets the default quality for clipboard pastes to be configured. This applies to both JPEGs and PNGs, but note that the range of valid values is different. JPG supports 1-100 and PNG supports 1-6. If this is set to 0 the default quality is used.

    • The quality for PNG can be given on the command line as for JPEG; e.g. `Clipboard PASTE=png:5`

    • Note that the default PNG quality setting is now 4 - previously Opus used settings equivalent to 6 (Best), but 4 seems to produce only marginally larger files and is much quicker to compress.

  • Added an option to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration to hide the Open in Directory Opus context menu item from within Opus itself, even if it's required to be on in Explorer.

  • Added support for IFF SHAM (Sliced HAM) images

  • Improved evaluation quick filters - should now update when files are added to the file display

  • If the Archives plugin was used for zip instead of the internal handler, right-clicking a file and choosing "Add to [name].zip" would create an archive with ".zip.zip" extension. It is now just ".zip".

  • Fixed archive type drop-down in Create Archive dialogs when the internal zip handler is disabled.

  • Folder tree now respects mouse wheel "one screen at a time" setting.

  • Fixed folder tree not making the bottom/selected item fully visible after scrolling down.

  • Fixed Everything folder size calculation incorrectly showing "empty" for a folder that's excluded from Everything's index.

  • Made some changes to Everything folder size calculation to hopefully make it perform better when calculating a large number of folders.

  • Fix for startup hang with certain cloud folders.

  • Added a limit to how large the font installation confirmation dialog can be.

  • Stopped FAYT scripts being called unnecessarily when the FAYT is closing.

  • Themes under Preferences / Colors and Fonts / Themes are now included in config backups. WARNING: This also means that restoring an older config backup and choosing "replace existing configuration" will remove all Themes.

  • Warning banners at the top of the file display (e.g. for errors reading directories, or when Navigation Lock can't stay in sync) now always use the Details mode font, and react to font changes that happen when they're already open.

  • Added protection against invalid User Command config files without names.

  • Fixed add-to-zip checkbox overlapping frame of edit control above it, if in standard DPI.

  • Indexed Search history now works in the Find and Duplicate Files panels.

  • Fixed Duplicate Files panel not disabling while a search is happening, where running a second search in parallel before the first one finished could cause problems.

  • Fixes for crash IDs 203-207 and label/filtering crash ("DOpus 13.3 crash" forum thread).