4 March 2024

Directory Opus 13.3.4 (Beta)

Directory Opus 13.3.4 is now available.

Download (or use Help > Check for Program Updates in the program):

New in 13.3.4:

  • Improved config_backup_name advanced option added in earlier betas.

  • The config_backup_name advanced option can now be told to use UTC dates and times by prefixing the time format with "UTC#". Example: %USERNAME% - %HEADER% - {UTC#D#yyyy-MM-dd} {UTC#T#HH-mm}

  • Added options to prevent the Status and Availability columns being added to the Cloud Storage folder format if you define a new default format. These can be found under Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / Information Display.

  • Evaluator groups can now control whether they're expanded or collapsed by default, by returning a value map with the collapse value set to either true or false.

  • The Filter Bar now has an Evaluator mode. This can be used in two ways:

    • a direct evaluation clause can be entered (e.g. size > 2gb)

    • a pre-defined filter can be referenced using ? (e.g. ?bigfiles would use as pre-defined filter called "bigfiles")

      All filters work, not just evaluation filters, but if a filter IS an evaluation filter, the filter bar can pass arguments to it. For example, ?bigfiles:5 would pass the value 5 through to the evaluation clause defined in the filter.

      Evaluation clauses called directly have the same column variables as other similar evaluation contexts (e.g. column handlers). They also have opt_regex, opt_ignore, opt_anyword and opt_partial variables which provide the state of the various other Filter Bar options.

      Pre-defined evaluation filters have the value quick_filter set to true or false. If it's set to true it means the filter is being invoked via the filter bar, in which case the above variables are also available. Arguments passed through are available in the filter_args variable.

      Note that when editing the filter in the filter bar, realtime filtering is disabled for evaluation filters, so you need to press enter to see the results of the filter. The one exception to this is when a pre-defined filter is being used and you're editing the arguments that are to be passed through to its evaluation clause.

  • The FAYT Filter mode now has the same mode settings as the Filter Bar does. This is mainly for the new Evaluator support, so you could e.g. set it up so that the FAYT's filter mode uses the evaluator while keeping the Filter Bar for normal wildcard filtering.

    Note that there's only one "quick filter" which both methods edit, so editing the filter via the FAYT will update the filter shown in the Filter Bar if it's displayed. But the one you're editing at the time determines which mode is used.

  • Added evaluator Age() function. Age(date) is the equivalent of DateDiff("d", date, Now()).

  • Added a warning message shown when using Everything search if the required information isn't indexed.

  • The Collapse sub-folders within collapsed folders option now collapses (unexpands) empty folders.

  • Fixed Find / Simple's File Type drop-down resetting if the dropdowns under it were used.

  • The quick filter (e.g. filter bar) now ignores a pattern of ~ by itself rather than filtering out everything.

  • Possible fix for crash IDs 199 and 200.