8 June 2018

Directory Opus 12.9.1 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.9.1 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.



  • HEIC/HEIF images are now supported, as long as the relevant WIC codecs are installed. (If you have the Windows Photos app working with HEIC files, they'll work in Opus as well.)
  • Added Individual groups option to the Folder Options / Columns dialog. If this is turned on and the file display is grouped, one group will be created for each distinct value rather than a range of values falling into a single group (e.g. instead of A-H you would have A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H). This is only really useful for text fields like "User description". Also added the Set GROUPINDIVIDUAL command to toggle the setting on and off programmatically.
  • The Select HIDESEL, HIDEUNSEL and SHOWHIDDEN arguments can now be made to operate only on files or only on directories (or both, by default).
  • The services supported by the Image LOCATE command are now configurable via Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: image_locate_services. Also added Open Street Map as a default service (Image LOCATE=osm).
  • Added Preferences / File Operations / Copy Attributes / Copy sparse files as sparse option. This option preserves regions in copied files that are marked as sparse (as long as sparse files are supported on the destination drive). (Note this option was originally included in 12.8.1 but was removed in 12.9)
  • Added Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: grid_lines_first_last. For solid grid lines, you can now make the alternating pattern start on the first line instead of the second. For thin grid lines, you can now have a line before the very first file or after the very last file. (Caveats in the manual.)
  • The colors for relative size and date graphs can now be configured separately for files and folders.
  • For users who wish to use dark themes:
    • Under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / File group header, you can now configure the color of the expand/collapse glyph.
    • Under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Folder Tree, and Folder Tree (Destination), you can now configure the color of the expand/collapse glyph.
    • If the status bar is set to use a dark background color, it no longer draws its frames using visual styles.
    • Relative size and date graphs now let you configure their frame and background colors.
    • Colors used in free space graphs in This PC (My Computer) can now be configured.
    • The free space graph in the status bar now uses the colors you define in Preferences rather than system colors, when applicable.
    • Fixed the Filter Bar's checkbox labels not being readable if you used a dark panel background.
    • The marker when dragging toolbar buttons around is now easier to see.
    • Fixed some glyphs within toolbars and menus which were difficult to see when using light-on-dark colors.
    • The system menu visual style is no longer used for menus which do not use dark text colors.
    • The frames around pop-up menus now use configurable colors, and menus will be drawn using your toolbar colors by default, if they have been customized. (Does not affect all menus in the program, at least not yet, but will affect most toolbar and context menus.)
    • Default menu background color can now be configured separately.
    • Toolbars and menus now have configurable "toggled" and "selected" colors for buttons and menu items (e.g. when pushed in or as the mouse moves over them).
  • Scripting changes:
    • Added Tab.hidden, hidden_files and hidden_dirs properties, which provide information about files and folders hidden from the current view in a tab.
    • Added Format.group_individual property to query the state of the new Individual groups option.
    • The Blob.CopyFrom method now lets you initialise a Blob from a string. By default the Blob will be set to the Unicode form of the string; if you pass "utf8" as the second parameter it will initialise the Blob with the utf8-encoded form of the string.
    • The FSUtil.Hash method can now hash the contents of a Blob as well as a disk file.
  • Added workaround for FTP connections to Pure-FTPd server when using TLS, where the directory listing would not complete or require a timeout before completing.
  • It is now possible to remove items from collections which were imported without any paths (just names) from a file list using dopusrt.exe.
  • When importing file lists to collections via dopusrt.exe, lines which are not fully qualified paths are now assumed to be relative to the same folder the list file is in. You can override this using /relative:<path> or suppress it using /relative:none. If using /relative:none, you cannot also use /nocheck.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue where, if a column was less than 4 pixels wide, background colors applied by file labels would have a tiny gap where the narrow column was.
  • Previously, if the Automatically select next file after deleting option was on and you removed the drive you were on, with the folder tree open, Opus would navigate you to the next drive. It will now always take you to the This PC (My Computer) level instead.
  • The Pin to Start Menu context menu item now works in Opus.
  • The Go TABGROUPFORCE argument can now be used with Go TABGROUPLIST.
  • Fixed the filter bar's file extensions drop-down not indicating which extension has keyboard focus on systems with visual styles disabled.
  • Fixed crash which could occur after changing the "when image is shared" mode for an image under Preferences / Display / Images.
  • Preferences / Display / Images now accepts new images via drag & drop. Drop on the list to add a new image, or select an image and drop on the thumbnail to change it to a new image.
  • Fixed Opus Light incorrectly allowing you disable hotkeys which come from the default toolbars, since changes to the default toolbars are never saved to disk in Opus Light. Standalone hotkeys can still be edited and are saved to disk.
  • Drag & Drop with the right mouse button now works correctly within the same tab when manual sort is enabled.
  • Auto-extract now works with 7z, RAR, Tar and other plugin archive types.
  • Fix for double-clicking programs inside non-zip archives causing further double-clicks in the file display to be buffered until the launched program exited.
  • When merging two folders via a move, any sub-folders in the source that had labels assigned to them would lose their labels when they were moved across.
  • When manual sort mode is on, and "Sort newly created and copied files" is turned off, copying a file by dragging and dropping to a specific place now maintains the insertion position.
  • When the viewer is set to use an automatic background color, it now ignores any transparent pixels when selecting a color to use.
  • The Secure Delete function now moves files to a temporary folder (with random name) before deleting them, to try to stop their original location being visible in recovery tools.
  • A button that runs Set BLURFILENAMES=Toggle now correctly highlights when filenames are blurred.
  • When renaming a folder in the folder tree you can now use the down/up cursor keys to accept the edit and move to the next/previous sibling folder.
  • Added .mkv and .flac extensions to the Windows Media Player preview handler (if no other preview handler is assigned to them), since the Windows 10 version can handle both formats but doesn't designate itself as handling them in the registry. Note that the handler is still disabled by default, so this only affects it if you turn it on via the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin. (Also note that Microsoft have fixed the preview handler so it works again in Windows 10 build 1803, after it was broken for about a year.)
  • Added .flac extension to the Generic ActiveX list, since the Windows 10 WMP ActiveX control can play FLAC files in the viewer.
  • The {smp3} and {tmp3} status bar codes now work with WAV files.
  • Fix for drag & drop from Adobe Bridge not working.
  • Archives plugin (7z, RAR, etc.) and internal zip code now has better handling for (somewhat dubious) archives that use the same paths for multiple files. Each item will now have a unique name generated for it. In the case of RAR archives, such archives will also be made read-only.
  • Fixed problem with zip files which contained sub-folders with spaces at the end of their names.
  • Detection of WSL only worked in 12.9 if you were still on the Windows 10 Creators Update. It now works with the newer 1803 build again.
  • Changing Preferences / Folders / Folder Behaviour / Sort shortcuts to folders like folders now triggers a refresh of all open folders, so the setting's effect is seen immediately.
  • Secure screenshot wasn't blurring some paths in the breadcrumbs field.
  • Secure screenshot now blurs filenames in Explorer-provided folders (e.g. Quick Access).
  • Fixed problem with navigation lock where navigating out of a zip file on one side would not cause the other side to follow along.
  • Dragging a tab from file display to another now makes the new tab active.
  • When an external icon set is cached (for performance) it now preserves the display names of icons within the set.
  • Fixed problem with Duplicate Finder's Select button - if the duplicate search was initially run with Delete mode turned off, and then you put the folder into Checkbox Mode manually and clicked the Select button, weird things would happen.
  • Fixed the file display font-size pop-up going off the side of the monitor if it opened too near the edge.
  • Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced is now grouped into categories. The list is also now filtered when using the search function in Preferences, rather than drawing matching items in red.

7 June 2018

Directory Opus 12.9

Directory Opus 12.9 is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 12 users.


Changes since 12.8:

Directory Opus 12.9 is a stable release containing the changes from the 12.8.1 beta release, plus some additional minor changes.

Please note that the Copy sparse files as sparse Preferences option introduced in the 12.8.1 beta is not included in 12.9. This option will return in 12.9.1.

  • Added COPYSPARSE argument for the Copy command. This option preserves regions in copied files that are marked as sparse (as long as sparse files are supported on the destination drive).
  • The Regular expression + Find and Replace rename now allows you to anchor the search pattern at the start or end using ^ and $ like in regular regex mode.
  • When multiple file copy jobs are queued and one job triggers a UAC prompt, the UAC permission is now passed through automatically to subsequent jobs in the queue.
  • @hidenosel and similar modifiers now work in the viewer pane's right-click > File menu, and in context menus you get when right-clicking file lists generated by Go FOLDERCONTENT.
  • @disableifpath and @hideifpath now work with aliases, environment variables, {apppath}, and so on.
  • Workaround for Windows bug where a case-only rename was treated as if the file was removed and a new version created. The difference was usually subtle but could be seen easily if the Sort newly created and copied files option was turned off, and could affect whether files remained selected after renaming.
  • Fix for viewer crashing if you ran a custom command to jump forward or back multiple files when the target file had been deleted. (Normal single-step jumps were not affected.)
  • Fixed a crash introduced in 12.7.1 when processing some file change notifications involving short path names.
  • Commands like Show VIEWERCMD=goto,-10 now move to the first file if there are fewer than 10 before the current file. (Previously, nothing happened.)
  • Fixed issue where if you had chosen the Filter Bar as the default FAYT mode in 12.7, it would have changed to WSL Command or blank in 12.8. (As a side-effect of fixing this, if you chose WSL Command as the default in 12.8, you'll need to choose it again, as a one-off after installing this update.)
  • Fix for the "tray icon" menu sometimes not closing if you click elsewhere, until you click on it first, if you had left-clicked the icon and then clicked somewhere else before the menu was triggered (after the system double-click time).
  • Re-worked the way Opus prevents system sleep while copying files (etc.), and sleep and display power-down while playing slideshows (viewer) and videos (Movie plugin), as the old method was not working in Windows 10.
  • Archive auto-extract now only prompts or happens when there's more than one file inside the archive.
  • Updated 7z.dll to 18.5 which contains a security fix for RAR handling.
  • Updated unrar(64).dll to 5.60.3 which contains a security fix for RAR handling.
Directory Opus 12.9 also contains the additional fixes which were not part of 12.8.1:
  • Fixed problem with Dropbox support when the Dropbox folder path contained Unicode characters.
  • The latest Windows 10 update added a non-functional "Open in new tab" item to folder context menus. We now filter it out. (The similar "Open in new Folder Tab" item which Opus itself adds to the same menu is still there and still works).
  • Fixed "Launch" in the Visual Studio 2017 installer opening the folder VS was installed in rather than launching the program, if Explorer Replacement was turned on.