7 August 2020

Directory Opus 12.21.3 (Beta)

Directory Opus 12.21.3 (beta) is now available for all Opus 12 users.

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.


Changes since 12.21.2:

  • Disabled the OneDrive bug mitigations as they seem to be no longer needed. Detailed sync status and thumbnails should now work again as they did before Microsoft broke them.
  • Sub-Folder/File count columns now auto-size correctly again.
  • Sub-Folder/File count columns now remain blank until calculated (instead of showing zero while calculating).
  • For scripts which use Shell Properties (File Explorer columns), removed a second source of potential errors which most scripts would not handle (nor want to handle).
  • The option to color folders which are Favorites now works with Favorites defined using env-vars and aliases.
  • Numeric sorting now works with any length numbers (previously it would only work reliably for 19 digits or so).
  • Fixed script test-runs from the button editor showing the wrong line numbers in error messages if they began with // style comments.
  • Changes to help avoid files being deselected when the Image command modifies them in-place.
  • The recently-added options for blocking Ctrl/Shift + Mouse Wheel now apply to the Icon/Thumbnails modes as well as Details/Power modes.
  • Fixed crash which could happen if you used Shift + Mouse Wheel to move back or forward through the history list and span the wheel faster than the folders could be read.
  • AudioTags plugin now treats .m4b as an alternative extension for .mp4/.m4a audiobooks. (Read-only.)
  • In the Rename dialog's preview list, when editing a single file name directly with macro mode turned off, the line being edited is no longer moved slightly to the left.
  • In the Duplicate Files panel, fixed a browse-for-file dialog appearing instead of a folder dialog if you added the new folder in a particular way.
  • Fixed a bug where junctions to volume mount points were wrongly considered recursive, which meant the Find tool would not look beyond them.
  • Fixed the filter bar's Ignore Diacritics option making grp:Vidéos and similar not work.
  • Raw Digital Camera plugin:
    • Updated Raw Digital Camera plugin with CR3 support.

    • You can now specify whether a raw file extension is handled by the newer LibRaw code or the older DCRaw code. Most extensions go through LibRaw by default, but we provide the option to use the old code in case the new library doesn't work with a particular camera. (Please let us know if that happens, so we can try and fix it. We may remove the old code in the future.)

    • You can now configure the PNM file extensions (.pnm, .pgm, .ppm by default).

    • Removed the old grayscale interpolation options for raw camera images, as they did not map easily to the new library. We doubt anyone was using these but please let us know if you were and need them back.