25 September 2013

Directory Opus

Directory Opus is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 10 users.


What's new:

The update includes everything from the 10.5.2.x beta versions:

(The help file contains a summary of all these changes in one place and will be displayed the first time you run the new version.)

6 September 2013

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

32-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字
64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

The following is a guide to the changes in the Directory Opus beta:

Bug fixes

  • Possible fix for issues with shell extensions which access cloud-storage.
  • The Group column is now allowed in the Computer folder.
  • Fixed thumbnails sometimes being incorrectly rotated, until refreshed, after modifying EXIF rotation field in the metadata panel.
  • Fix for metadata editor failing to update files (sometimes leaving them with temporary names) because they were briefly in use (often by Opus itself, e.g. if in thumbnails mode and a previous change triggered the file being modified to be re-read as it is being modified again).
  • In certain places, the attempt to delete a directory now automatically retries for about 1 second if the directory is non-empty, hopefully addressing a problem a couple of people saw with errors during moves. (It is thought this is due to other tools or antivirus holding hold locks (shared for deletion) on things below the directories, delaying the actual deletion until they release their locks.)
  • Fixed attempt to delete directory and subsequent error message (and, from the previous change, delay) when a child item is filtered out or skipped due to error, during move or deletion.
  • Fixed cosmetic issue with some tree controls when set to both never scroll horizontally and do full-row selection. Wide item labels could extend slightly past the right edge of their selection boxes.
  • Running a command like "Go %windir%" combined with @noexpandenv now works again.
  • Fixed being able to paste slash characters into FTP site names. (You can still paste them but they are replaced by dash characters as the change is applied.)
  • Fixed crash when importing FTP bookmarks with an existing bookmark selected which would then be replaced.
  • Improvements to the update checker:
    • Improved the update checker's detection of when an update has already been installed but is pending a reboot. - (Previously, if the installer had been launched via the updater checker then you'd be prompted to reboot rather than to run the installer again. This is now also the case if you ran the installer manually, or if you restarted Opus after running the installer.)
    • The update checker will now check more than once per session. (Previously, if you started Opus and it was then time for the weekly or monthly update check, and no new version was found, Opus would never check again until restarted and you would not be notified of an update released, say, a week later if your PC remained up and running Opus for that week.)
    • Fixed update checker settings not being saved properly in certain situations just after Opus had been installed.