5 July 2013

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

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64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

The following is a guide to the changes in the Directory Opus beta:

New features / minor changes

  • Added SIZE and DATE arguments to the Select command to provide a simple method selection by date or size (less complicated than using the advanced select mode).

    Select SIZE accepts the keywords largest and smallest to select the largest or smallest item in the list. You can also specify a size (in bytes by default, or specify kb, mb or gb to use different units). If specifying a size, you can use > or < for greater or less than, and specify a range using .. between the two sizes.


        Select SIZE=largest - select largest item in the list
        Select *.zip SIZE=smallest - select smallest zip file in the list
        Select SIZE <500kb DESELECTNOMATCH - select all items below 500Kb in size, deselect all others
        Select SIZE 1mb..5mb - select all items between one and five megabytes

    Select DATE accepts the keywords oldest and newest to select the oldest or newest item in the list. You can also specify a date (in the format YYYY-MM-DD) and/or time (in the format HH:MM). If specifying a date, you can use > or < for greater or less, and specify a range using .. between the two dates. By default Select DATE only considers the last modification time of files, but you can add the keyword created to look at the creation time of the file, or both to look at both timestamps. If these keywords are provided they must be listed first followed by a comma and then the date to test for.


        Select DATE=newest TYPE=files - select the most recently modified file in the list
        Select *.txt DATE=both,oldest - select the oldest text file, considering both creation and last modification times
        Select DATE created,2012-05-15 - select items created on 15th May, 2012
        Select DATE 10:00..14:00 - select items modified between 10am and 2pm
        Select DATE "<2010-06-07 17:30" - select items modified earlier than 5:30pm on 7th June, 2010 (note the quotes around the argument value, because of the space between the date and the time).

  • The Clipboard PASTE command can now be used to paste files, images and text from the clipboard directly as archives (instead of creating the archive first and then pasting the items into it).


        Clipboard PASTE=zip - paste clipboard contents as a new zip file. The filename will be set automatically (if files are on the clipboard, the first item name will be used) unless the AS argument is also used.
        Clipboard PASTE=7z - paste clipboard contents as a new 7Zip file
        Clipboard PASTE=rar AS=ask - paste as a new RAR file (requires WinRAR), prompting for archive name and settings.

  • The USESEL argument for the Clipboard PASTE command now lets you paste the clipboard contents into an existing archive (i.e. put the command Clipboard PASTE USESEL on the context menu for the Archives filetype group, and you can then right-click an existing archive and paste the clipboard contents into it).

Bug fixes

  • Menus generated by Copy COLLLIST and Copy INCLUDEINLIBRARY now respect the @nodeselect modifier if it is present in their parent buttons.
  • The names of Collections and Libraries in menus generated by Copy COLLLIST and Copy INCLUDEINLIBRARY, respectively, are now displayed correctly when they contain ampersand characters.
  • Removed Delete and Cut commands from the context menu of folders in the Favorites menu to avoid accidental deletion of folders.
  • Fixed a problem where a button that had a Go command that failed (e.g. path not found), followed by a command to turn Flat View on, would result in the contents of the process current folder being read in Flat View mode.
  • A style that was set to read a folder and turn on Flat View Mixed/No Folders would fail to remove the folders from the list.
  • Improved handling of MP3 cover art where the MIME type has been set to an invalid string.
  • The Select Folder dialog's Favorites drop-down now shows the complete label set for each favourite, instead of just the "filename" part of the label. (Before, it would exclude anything before the last slash, if any, in the label.)
  • If you save the installer from the update checker, the path field reminding you where you put it is now truncated in the middle if it is too wide for the window. (You can still resize the window to see the whole thing, or click on the path to open the installer's parent folder and select it.)
  • The update checker now ensures the installer has a .exe extension if you choose to save it. Previously, the extension could be left off if you edited the name or path and had Windows configured to hide file extensions.
  • Fixed file displays being left in Sync or Dupe modes if they were not the active tab when you closed the utility panel.
  • If you run the Sync tool from a single-display lister, automatically opening the dual display, the dual display is now left open when you close the Sync tool. Previously, it would be closed automatically (only if it had been opened automatically), but this was not always desirable and we now leave it up to you when to close the second display.
  • Fixed rename sorting bug that could end up with files in the wrong position if the display was grouped and the files were in the "unspecified" group.
  • Fixed problem that could cause the inline rename field to end up positioned incorrectly (thus revealing a hidden filename) if the file display was grouped and you used the up/down cursor keys to rename multiple files.
  • Fixed filenames in the rename dialog being drawn in the wrong color after certain edits to the old/new name fields.
  • Fixed failure to save metadata in some images when clearing the EXIF flash tag.
  • Fixed internal library paths being revealed by favorites tooltip, and the Favorites list in Preferences.
  • Fixed internal MTP paths revealed by copy error dialog in some cases.
  • Running Opus from USB/U3 no longer leaves the desktop double-click handler (dopusrt) running when Opus itself is shut down - prevents the USB drive from being locked after Opus has quit.