12 July 2013

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

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64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

The following is a guide to the changes in the Directory Opus beta:

New features / minor changes

  • Added a new option - Sort name and extension separately - to the Display tab in the Folder Options dialog. This option is enabled by default. When enabled, Opus sorts folders by name by splitting up the filename stem and the extension, and sorting them separately (i.e. it sorts by the stem first, and only if the stem is the same does it consider the file extension). This has the effect of keeping names with the same stem together, for example:


    In the above image, there are only three files with the stem Test, and a fourth with the stem Test.bbb, and with the option turned on Opus has sorted the two groups separately. If you turn this option off, Opus will consider the whole filename including the extension as a single string, which will produce the following result:


    The new Set SORTNAMEEXTSEPARATELY command can be used to change this setting from a button or hotkey.

  • When you right click with more than one file selected, the Opus Add to xxx.zip context menu item is now listed twice - once for the name of the file you right-clicked on and once for the parent folder. This lets you create an archive of two or more files named after the folder the files are in.

  • The Select DATE command now lets you use constructions like >3 days to select files older than three days, <1 year to select files younger than a year, etc. It also accepts the new keyword next, which when used as Select DATE=newest,next has the effect of progressively selecting the next newest file in the list. Without the next keyword, if the newest file in the list is already selected nothing will appear to happen.

Bug fixes

  • In the Find panel, if the Lock Folder button is turned off, it now remembers the previous folder you searched rather than opening with the current folder. (If you want the current folder, just turn on the lock.) (Only the first folder is remembered, by design, unless you explicitly request all folders to be restored by running Find LOADPREV=all.)
  • Clipboard PASTE USESEL now works when a Zip file is selected (and the command is run from a button/hotkey) instead of just from the context menu.
  • Linked folder tabs are now selected if you change tabs using a hotkey that involves Ctrl or Shift.
  • New tabs opened via an external command (e.g. dopusrt.exe /cmd Go C:\ NEWTAB), with the command run when the Lister is not the active window, now properly gain focus when the Lister is activated.
  • Fixed the new source file display not getting focus if you were in a dual-display window, using inline rename, when you switched to a new source.
  • Closing the Lister, file display or folder tab while doing an inline rename will now cancel the rename instead of applying it. (Changing tabs, changing folders, and most other actions will still apply the unfinished rename.)
  • The folder tab context menu now includes the Close command when there's only one tab open in a dual-display window.
  • If the current folder is a namespace-only path like Computer, and you type a string beginning with \ into the location field, it will now be treated as relative to the root of the drive Opus is installed on.
  • The path completion used in the advanced filter control's Location/Path/Target fields no longer traps chars like ~, meaning these can be entered at the beginning of the wildcard pattern.
  • A command that calls Set FILTER=On followed by Copy no longer displays the string "(null)" in the filter dialog.
  • The Opus native My Computer display now correctly checks if non-drive namespace extensions should be hidden (e.g. the Norton 360 Backup Drive if turned off in Norton settings).
  • The progress dialog for a Synchronize operation would show an incorrect "total files processed" value while copying the first file.
  • Fixed crash if you started an inline rename in a dual-display Lister and then closed the last file display on either side via its tab.
  • The Properties SETLABEL list now displays the labels' custom icons (if they have them).
  • The SHOWRESULTS argument now works in conjunction with the Find QUERY command.
  • Added Clipboard PASTE <normal> to the command template.
  • Fixed a problem that could cause numeric name sorting to stop working if a folder containing names with numbers greater than 2^63.
  • Clicking on items in the path completion dropdown list now works correctly.
  • The File Types action/event editor dialog could display "(null)" in the title for some file types.