26 July 2013

Directory Opus (Beta)

Directory Opus beta is now available for all Opus 10 users.

32-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字
64-bit version:    Universal    Deutsch    简化字

This is a preliminary, beta release. Translations may not be fully up-to-date and some English text may appear in non-English versions.

The following is a guide to the changes in the Directory Opus beta:

New features / minor changes

  • Added a new command - Show VIEWPANECMD. This lets you trigger viewer panel actions like zooming and rotating from a command, which in turn lets you assign them to hotkeys that will work even when the panel doesn't have input focus.
  • Added a new TABNAME argument for the Go command which lets you assign a name to a tab - either the current tab, or a new tab in conjunction with the NEWTAB argument.

Bug fixes

  • The Go ROOT command did not correctly disable its button when already at the root folder.
  • The Clipboard PASTE=zip and similar commands now work when the files on the clipboard have been CUT and the source/destination folders are the same.
  • Fixed error which meant when the file display was grouped, the Unspecified group was at the top of the list rather than at the bottom as intended.
  • Going to the Recent Items virtual folder would show the full path to the folder as the tab label.
  • In rare cases where multiple context menu shell extensions add items to sub-menus with the same name, the sub-menus are now merged together instead of each one appearing separately.
  • Since the option to open external folders in new tabs also applies to zip files, the checkbox for it in Preferences is now enabled whether or not Explorer Replacement is enabled.
  • Fixed changes to configuration or collections not being saved if done just before shutdown or restart of the machine.
  • Fixed problems which could occur after renaming a collection which was inside another collection, until Opus was restarted.
  • FTP - Changed thresholds to assist with bad servers that don't correctly report end of listing data.
  • FTP SSL - Changed default methods for creating SSL connections. Now use SSLv23_method for greater compatibility to older servers. ** Please notify us if you find any compatibility issues with your SSL servers.
  • FTP SSL - Updated OpenSSL libraries to 1.0.1e versions.