18 April 2013

Autodesk Inventor thumbnails in Opus

If you use Autodesk Inventor, you may see generic icons for its files instead of thumbnails in Opus.

This is due to Autodesk's thumbnail provider loading DLLs it depends on in an unsafe way, which Opus blocks by default. (Explorer does not block it, which is why it works there.)

If you wish, you can disable the increased security so that Autodesk Inventor thumbnails work within Opus.

To do so, go to Settings -> Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced, set dlldir_security to FALSE and then reboot.

Preferences Setting

10 April 2013

Directory Opus + Video Guide

Directory Opus is now available as a free update for all Directory Opus 10 users.


What's new:

The update includes everything from the 10.5.0.x beta versions:

(The help file contains a summary of all these changes in one place and will be displayed the first time you run the new version.)
The update also includes the following new changes:
  • Fixed auto-hide toolbar slide and reveal options, introduced in a recent beta, being reversed for toolbars docked to the left or top of the screen.
  • Fixed recently introduced problem that meant Select SOURCETODEST / DESTTOSOURCE were case sensitive.
  • Fixed problem in path completion that made it stop working temporarily when typing an alias followed by a folder name beginning with a reserved device name (e.g. /dopusdata/ConfigFiles).
  • Fixed path-completion pop-up's borders not always painting correctly.

Video Guide: